16 Personality Types in Romance

Personality typing is about understanding people. As a group, people of any one personality type are likely to behave distinctly compared to other types. Recognizing these differences helps us understand ourselves and others, and nowhere is that more important than in romantic relationships. Let’s take a brief, basic look at how each personality type approaches romance.

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Analyst Personality Types

Architects (INTJ) in Romance

Careful and calculating in all things, Architects can seem reserved when it comes to showing their romantic affection. They don’t open up easily or favor lush, emotional displays, but when they show their interest, it tends to be sincere. And when their desires align with another’s, the connection can be deep, even if it’s not always expressed colorfully.

Logicians (INTP) in Romance

Open-minded and direct by preference, Logicians take a philosophical yet logical approach to romance. They don’t usually seek or provide a glossy veneer to feelings, focusing instead on the factual aspects of a connection. This can be refreshing, enabling partners to build the relationship to suit their own needs and desires.

Commanders (ENTJ) in Romance

Gregarious and goal-oriented, Commanders can be forward when it comes to romance. They have little trouble saying what they feel or pursuing whatever they desire. Their direct approach may sometimes overlook tender subtleties but offers a vivid kind of energy that can keep a connection strong.

Debaters (ENTP) in Romance

Irascible and sometimes abrasive in life, Debaters’ high energy can nonetheless translate well into romance. When they opt to take a friendly, positive approach with someone, an exciting connection can develop. They have an unbridled sense of fun and actively seek to share rewarding things with those they love.

Diplomat Personality Types

Advocates (INFJ) in Romance

Thoughtful and dedicated at their core, Advocates approach romance with warm sincerity. Their private nature doesn’t always make it easy for them to express their interest, nor do they offer it lightly. But the connection they can achieve with compatible people can be profound and rewarding.

Mediators (INFP) in Romance

Whimsical in some areas of life, Mediators nonetheless approach romance with a wholehearted, sincere intent. They may struggle to voice their desires, but hope leads their thoughts and feelings onward. When they meet someone who justifies their interest, these normally private personality types give richly of themselves.

Protagonists (ENFJ) in Romance

Warm and socially outgoing in general, Protagonists approach romance with a measure of certainty. They see a romantic connection as an essential part of life’s rewards and those they love as central to their path. Their stable yet effusive style draws others in, offering much in the moment and the long term.

Campaigners (ENFP) in Romance

Enthusiastically social, Campaigners welcome many people into their lives but give even more to those they love. Their approach to romance is among the most spontaneous of the personality types, yet no less sincere for its ready, warm energy. Few types can match the sense of fun and excitement that Campaigners revel in sharing with someone special.

Sentinel Personality Types

Logisticians (ISTJ) in Romance

Practical and reserved, Logisticians can seem outwardly cool, but they enter love with the same grounded resolve that they apply to anything they truly value. When they find a connection with someone, their hearts open in ways that run deep, even if they’re subtle on the surface. No personality type offers steadier loyalty.

Defenders (ISFJ) in Romance

Prudent and restrained in most things, Defenders approach romance carefully, appreciating time for love to grow through familiarity. They can be private at first but are thrilled when they find someone with whom they can comfortably share their inner values. They prize such connections and come to rely on them.

Executives (ESTJ) in Romance

Outgoing and direct in their social lives, Executives approach romance as an important part of life’s progress. Their expression of romantic feelings often resembles dedication: strong, but rarely wild or lavish. They see a loving connection with a partner as a deep enhancement of their world and as a foundation for the future.

Consuls (ESFJ) in Romance

Charismatic and considerate, Consuls approach romance with their core value of harmony foremost in their hearts and minds. They see social relationships as a fabric that should be strong, smooth, and soft. An intimate connection is a personal expression of this view on life, and they rejoice at finding someone with whom they can share it.

Explorer Personality Types

Virtuosos (ISTP) in Romance

Independent in many ways, Virtuosos approach romance as a chance to expand their horizons. They cherish freedom and appreciate those who both respect their path and willingly join them in discovering new ones. When they connect with someone with whom they can share their world, they are drawn to the sense of mutual enjoyment.

Adventurers (ISFP) in Romance

For people with such unrestrained minds and interests, Adventurers often approach romance with a reserved sweetness. They don’t seek to impose their ways and feelings on others, and they delight in mutuality that reveals itself naturally. When a connection forms, these personality types are unrestrained in their love.

Entrepreneurs (ESTP) in Romance

Daring and adventurous in all parts of their lives, Entrepreneurs approach romance as a path to exciting, mutual rewards. They are less interested in thoughtful explorations of feelings and more inclined to share experiences. Nothing enthuses them more than finding someone who appreciates their elastic sense of opportunity.

Entertainers (ESFP) in Romance

Passionate and unrestrained, Entertainers aren’t hesitant to approach romance with the bright emotion that drives them in life. Their energy can be a delightful wave that sweeps others up, or away, in some cases. Entertainers are thrilled to find someone who can handle and enjoy all that they offer.


The links included above further explain how personality type relates to romance – and other key areas of life. As you read, you’ll begin to see how you (and people you know) express the broad aspects of personality type. You’ll also notice subtle ways that you are unique, as well as some things you have in common with similar personality types. It’s an exciting world to explore. Welcome!

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