Understand your team better with Team Assessments

  • Improve communication across your team
  • Get to know your team members better
  • Help team members develop their individual strengths
  • Works for teams of all sizes

First, you’ll build your team in our portal. Each team member is then invited to complete our personality test, six team assessments, and seventeen individual career assessments.

Next, you’ll get team and personal reports for every assessment, highlighting your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Learn why your team operates the way it does and how to work best together.

Then, you’ll complete self-directed workshops to reflect on your team’s results – turning insights into action and cultivating deeper, more effective working relationships.

What can Team Assessments do for your company?

Use our self-guided tools to help your team work better together.

  • Enhance Communication

    Improve connections between team members, boosting productivity.

  • Improve Performance

    Measure current team effectiveness and take it to the next level.

  • Boost Teamwork

    Collaborate better together and achieve more success as a team.

  • Increase Transparency

    Eliminate uncertainty around what inspires or worries your team.

  • Improve Analytical Thinking

    Become problem-solvers, working through obstacles – together.

  • Create Harmony

    Foster team connections and compatibility, not personality clashes.

  • Encourage Openness

    Create a space where members feel free to express themselves.

  • Improve Team Commitment

    Develop a sense of commitment toward completing team goals.

  • Inspire Respect

    Celebrate members’ differences and discover core group values.

Imagine what your team can do together

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