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Please also see below for answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have not received an e-mail with my test results. What should I do?

First, please check your Spam folder – it is possible that your e-mail provider put our message there. If you still cannot see the message, please go to the Members Area – you will be able to see your results there.

What do the letters and traits mean?

Please see our main theoretical article.

The personality type I got after completing your test differs from the one I got on a different website. Why?

The four-letter naming model used by us is also shared by a number of diverse theories and approaches such as Socionics, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Linda Berens’ Interaction Styles and many others. However, while the acronyms adopted by different theories may be identical or very similar, their meanings do not always overlap – consequently, you should not assume that, for instance, INTj in Socionics is identical to INTJ-A as defined and described by us, or to the INTJ definition on a different website. To use an analogy, taxis and Formula 1 racers both drive ‘cars’ – but what each of them considers a car can look pretty different depending on where they’re driving. Make sure you review the theoretical model that a specific website relies on before comparing your results. You can find more information about our theoretical approach here.

Do I need to register to take your personality test?

No! Simply click “Personality Test” in the menu above.

Do you offer hard copies of premium profiles?

No, sorry. Most of our readers are from outside the UK, so shipping costs and times would be too high. Furthermore, we love trees. That said, our premium profiles are in PDF format, so you should have no difficulties reading them on your iPad, Kindle or a similar device.

I got a different result when I took the personality test again after a while. Why?

We are continuously refining the test questions, trying to make our algorithm more accurate and reliable – consequently, you may be assigned a slightly different personality type if your original scores were very low (<10%). If you are unsure which personality type is truly yours, please see our main theoretical article. Additionally, don’t underestimate the power of your mood. Taking the test when you are well-rested, feeling good, and full of energy can cause you to answer questions with more “positive” responses than if you’re totally exhausted at the end of a long week. Rather than thinking of the best of times or the worst of times, or just how you’ve behaved this past month, or how you used to behave when you were younger, (or how you would like to behave...) answer the questions considering how you’ve actually responded to situations most often, during the course of your lifetime.

Can I send my results to several e-mail addresses?

Not at the moment, sorry.

How do I become a member?

You can save your results after completing the personality test – or join later in the Members Area.

Where can I chat with other people belonging to my personality type?

Please try the “Discussions” tab in the Members Area! That section is quite active and you will likely receive an answer to your question very quickly.

Is your newsletter free?

Of course!

Can I update my profile after retaking the test?

Yes. Look for the “Update your profile” button in the results screen. You will not receive an e-mail with your new results though.

I do not like my personality type. Can I change it?

Please see this article: Is it possible to change your personality type?

How do I delete my profile?

You can do that in the “Preferences” section of the Members Area.

How can I compare my results with friends?

Please see the “Friends” tab in the Members Area. It will have an invitation link that you can share with your friends – if they agree to share their results with you after completing the personality test, you will see their personality types in the same section. Please note that people you invite will also be able to see your e-mail address and personality type after completing the test.

Is your test based on a specific theory?

Please see this article for more information about our theoretical model.

Why do you keep misspelling extroversion as extraversion?

Extraversion is actually the right way to spell this term. The prefix “extra” has its roots in Latin, and means “outside (of)”. Extroversion is a more popular variant, but it is an incorrect adaptation of its opposite term, introversion. Extraversion is the technically correct spelling, and is the version used most often in scientific literature.

Do you have an affiliate program for premium profile purchases?

No, sorry.

Can I use your personality test to screen potential job applicants?

Emphatically no. The main purpose of our test and type descriptions is to encourage personal development and improve understanding of one’s self and others. We do not believe that someone’s personality type is a good indicator of professional success – so neither the test nor articles available on this website should be used for any kind of selection or assessment.