Romantic Relationships

“Love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

Nelson Mandela

Advocates (INFJs) look for depth and meaning in their relationships – and their romantic relationships are no different. This is a personality type known for having a vibrant, vivid imagination, but few Advocates can imagine themselves settling for a match founded on anything less than true love.

It can take time for Advocates to find a compatible partner. Some people might think that Advocates are too choosy, and it’s true that these personalities can be prone to unrealistic expectations. With their perfectionistic, idealistic nature, Advocates might be tempted to hold out for a “perfect” partner or relationship that ultimately doesn’t exist. The good news? Advocates’ idealism – if balanced with just enough realism – can actually enhance their love life.

Advocate (INFJ) romantic relationships

Is This for Real?

Advocates tend to be attuned to their core values, keenly aware of what matters to them on a soul level. This helps them look beyond surface-level attraction and understand whether they’re compatible with someone on a deeper, more meaningful level. These insights are essential for helping Advocates avoid matches that aren’t founded on authenticity or shared principles.

Advocates care about integrity, and they tend to bristle when people try to change them or talk them into something that they don’t believe. As a result, Advocate personalities gravitate toward partners who appreciate them as they are.

As romantic partners, Advocates are warm, caring, honest, and insightful – and they patiently work to uncover their loved one’s innermost needs and desires.

Once Advocates do find a suitable relationship, they rarely take it for granted. Instead, they tend to look for ways to grow as individuals and strengthen their connection with their partner. This can help Advocates’ relationships reach a level of depth and sincerity of which many people can only dream.

The Power of Love

People with this personality type create a depth to their relationships that can hardly be described in conventional terms. Because of their sensitivity and insight, Advocates can make their partners feel heard and understood in beautiful ways. Advocates aren’t afraid to express their love, and they feel it with all their hearts.

One of the things that Advocates find most important is establishing genuine, deep connections with the people they care about.

Advocates tend to recognize that love isn’t a passive emotion but rather an opportunity to grow and learn, and they expect their partners to share this mindset. As a result, relationships with these personalities are not for the uncommitted or the shallow. Advocates are intensely passionate in ways that transcend the present moment, and what truly fulfills them is the way that a loving, meaningful relationship evolves and deepens over time.

In their heart of hearts, people with the Advocate personality type crave an emotional and even spiritual connection with their partner. They cherish not just the act of being in a relationship but also what it means to become one with another person in mind, body, and soul.