INFJ Careers

INFJs are likely to find that most corporate career paths are not designed for them, but for those focused on status and material gain. This doesn’t mean that people with the INFJ personality type struggle to see viable options though. In fact, they are likely to face the opposite problem – many INFJs struggle to begin a career early on because they see ten wildly different paths forward, each with its own intrinsic rewards, alluring but also heartbreaking, because each means abandoning so much else.

Truth, Beauty, Purpose

First and foremost, INFJs need to find meaning in their work, to know that they are helping and connecting with people – an INFJ Ferrari salesperson is a non-sequitur. This desire to help and connect makes careers in healthcare, especially the more holistic varieties, very rewarding for INFJs – roles as counselors, psychologists, doctors, life coaches and spiritual guides are all attractive options.

INFJ careers

INFJs’ needs don’t end at meaning though – any productive work can be rationalized to be meaningful, as any productive work helps someone, somewhere. INFJs crave creativity too, the ability to use their insight to connect events and situations, effecting real change in others’ lives personally.

For INFJs, money and Employee of the Month simply won’t cut it compared to living their values and principles.

Two Roads Diverged in a Yellowed Wood

These needs are hard to meet in a corporate structure, where INFJs will be forced to manage someone else’s policies alongside their own. For this reason, people with the INFJ personality type are more likely to, despite their aversion to controlling others, establish their independence by either finding a leadership position, or simply starting their own practice. As independents, sole proprietors in the parlance of business, INFJs are free to follow their hearts, applying their personal touch, creativity and altruism to everything they do.

This is the most rewarding option for INFJs, as they will step out of the overly humble supporting and noncompetitive roles they are often drawn to, and into positions where they can grow and make a difference. INFJs often pursue expressive careers such as writing, elegant communicators that they are, and author many popular blogs, stories and screenplays. Music, photography, design and art are viable options too, and they all can focus on deeper themes of personal growth, morality and spirituality.

Where INFJs fall flat is in work focusing on impersonal concerns, mundanity, and high-profile conflict. Accounting and auditing, data analysis and routine work will leave people with the INFJ personality type fidgety and unfulfilled, and they will simply wilt under the scrutiny, criticism and pressure of courtroom prosecution and defense, corporate politics and cold-call sales. INFJs are clever, and can function in any of these fields, but to be truly happy, they need to be able to exercise their insightfulness and independence, learn and grow alongside the people they are helping, and contribute to the well-being of humanity on a personal level.

Menghan Zhang
2 months ago
I’m 27 years old now. I’m right now studying Jewlery design and will graduate very soon. This experience makes me feel confused and don’t know what jobs suit me to do in the future. I love the process of inspiration, branstorming, being creative, putting many creative drawings on paper. However, I don’t like to struggling with techniques of making. I like to make by my hand but at the same time I hate to figure out which techniques can turn my designs into actual pieces because most of time the available techniques constrain my creativity. In other word, my sketches and visions need to change a lot in order to fit the available techniques... or it will cost too much money and time. Im excited to the result of turning my sketches into actual pieces, but the process makes me crazy and really unhappy... Additionally, I think that Jewlery can help people to feel good, and beautiful, but I think this purpose is not meaningful enough to me. Now, I think I love drawing and paintings, but I’m still in a beginner level and am not confident that I can be very successful in them... These conflicting thoughts really drive me crazy. I still have no idea what should I do in terms of jobs.
3 months ago
I am 15 and still dont know what i want to become. My problem is that i like too many different things. I like physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry but i already learned a lot about web development the last 3 years and i still make codes for fun.
4 months ago
I love this site, because this describes me perfectly. I do love helping people, but I'm very musically inclined. I do not seek to be someone that helps someone verbally, such as therapy, psychology, counseling, etc. I'm in the concert/marching band at school, as a clarinet ( i also play violin, guitar, and ukulele). And for the rest of my life, I wish to play music for everyone, because I believe music can be healing, if you play it in a specific form or fashion. That is me, that is how I wish to help.
6 days ago
Hoi ^^' I actually can't point out why I'm writing you right now ...... But I'm feeling you really much that is to say D: My two best friends who really shaped this personality of mine were very musically talented too and always ensured me that I would have great musicallity aswell ..... but I refused to believe that for a long time :/ However now I am the most-hyped singing-talent in my Town and I may have learned to like my own voice but I know i have much to learn and that is great, otherwise it would be too boring :p Oh and there is to say: I really like writing Short-Storys because that is a even greater way for me to inspire people and help them effectively in their dayly life. So maybe I study philosophy and meta-physics then this might be what I become ..... I will see :o Sorry for all that useless information .w. I guess I just wanted to say that it is cool to hear from a fellow musician that feels very similiar as I do, so thanks :3
7 months ago
I just finished my first year of university studying finance and statistics, and every day on my way to university I thought that I'd rather jump under the bus I was taking than work in an office for the rest of my life, but I have to finish as this is the only path my parents will financially support me taking... I used to dream of becoming an artist or photographer or going into design and I really wish I could take that path now, but I feel that it is too late. The WORST part is that I took this test about 16 months ago, but never read what it actually meant until now. And now I just feel stupid for making another wrong choice in my life...
7 months ago
Hi, same thing, i have got my degree in business and occupy technician role in manufacturing facility and my brains always in search of other posabilities, hope ill find my path
4 months ago
I know how difficult it is to continue on a course you do not enjoy, but rather than seeing it as an obstacle that's blocking your dream, see it as a ladder that will further lift you up closer to your goal. Rather than seeing the degree as a time waster, look at it as a key that will reduce any financial difficulties you may be put against in the future. The art industry is very competitive and no matter how many diplomas or degrees related to art you take, it’s not a certainty that you will find a job there. Often times you'll be left trying scrape enough cash to start your creative projects and if you don't have a stable income, it becomes a windy and jagged road. Instead, use your spare time whether it is after school/study or during holidays to hone your creative skills. The thing is, unlike degrees such as in business, engineer, health etc. which are mandatory for their suited career paths, doing art does not necessarily require a certificate to jump start a career in. What it requires are evidence of YOUR creative abilities. This means building yourself a portfolio filled with all the products you've produced throughout your life. Sure this would be easy if you had a course in art, but it’s not impossible to do by yourself. In fact if you truly believe that artistry or photography is your true calling, then you will find a way to make it work. Spend time drawing or taking photos, and do it with passion. In addition to that, it’s important that you form connections. Bring yourself out there in world and spread your work; no matter how talented a person may be, their success is derived by their ability to share it with the community. I hope you stick to it, and know that your options are limitless. Make every minute count, and before you know it you've reach the top of the world.
10 months ago
Although I'm only 15, I've been struggling with what career choice to make. I used to think I would choose a path in the medical career, such as a doctor or a nurse since I love helping people, and the thought of making a difference in someone's life. About a year ago, I finally realized how passionate I was about art. I've been writing my own stories ever since I learned how the alphabet, I always read books, I love poetry, I like to draw and paint, and I play the violin and piano. It's the music that has a special place in my heart though. I love listening to classical and cinematic music, and I'm teaching myself some areas of music theory so I can start composing my own pieces. It is now my dream to become a composer, but I was scared. Scared that it wasn't "meaningful" enough, or that I would become a starving artist. At the same time, I find psychology very interesting as well, and the idea of studying to become a psychologist also weighs on my mind. But I have realized how much music is a part of me; it's how I express myself. It may end up being the wrong choice, but I'm tired of holding myself back out of fear.
10 months ago
For as long as you are happy with your decision, everything will fall into their places. I also dreamed to be an architect (architecture: a form of art) but haven't pursued it since I always thought that it would be meaningless. I love all kinds of arts cause I play the guitar too, I sing and compose my own song. You can be anything you want for as long as you are happy. I also have lots of dreams when I was at your age cause I dreamed to be a chef and a singer too. For sure your parents will be happy seeing you happy with your chosen career path. Don't let fear get into you. Good luck ;)
7 months ago
Just my opinion, everything you mentioned seems to be in line with your personality but to sucsseed u got choose what u r best at and focus on it.
5 months ago
This maybe a bit late, but considering your passion in music and helping others, Music Therapy can be a good career option to look into. Good luck!
4 months ago
Same with me! I considered maybe becoming a doctor of some sort, maybe a neurologist. But for years I'd been writing my own poetry and playing music, and I discovered that was my passion. I aim to play music for the rest of my life, in orchestras and such. And I'm satisfied with my choice. I hope you are as well.
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