Mediator Personality

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Mediators (INFPs) tend to see life as a journey toward meaning and fulfillment. Few things give them more joy than bringing like-minded people on that journey with them. In their own understated way, Mediator personalities enjoy helping others learn and grow – and they can find a unique opportunity for this in parenthood.

From the start, Mediator parents aim to be warm, loving, supportive, and open-minded. They delight in their children’s wide-eyed wonder at the world. In general, people with this personality type want to give their children the freedom to form their own opinions and discover their own interests.

Mediator (INFP) parents

Mediators may enjoy raising free spirits, but that doesn’t mean that they’re totally hands-off. They want to teach key values to their children, including honesty, compassion, and the importance of caring for others. They also want their children to understand the meaning of personal responsibility, especially when it comes to not hurting others.

Mediators never stop encouraging their children to learn and grow. These personalities use their sensitivity to communicate in ways that will resonate with their children.

Coping with Challenges

Mediator parents want to serve as good role models. To do this, they often try to keep their problems, negative emotions, and frustrations from their children, preserving a sense of harmony in the household. This can help their children feel safe and cared for. Mediators may also try to shield their children from the greater problems in the world. This is certainly appropriate when their children are young, but eventually, Mediators will need to find ways to talk through tougher issues with their kids.

Like parents of any personality type, Mediator parents inevitably face challenges. They take their parenting responsibilities seriously, so it can feel like a personal failure when their children misbehave in ways both large and small. They may be especially upset when they see their children behaving in ways that don’t seem considerate or ethical. Discipline doesn’t come easily to Mediator personalities, but at times, they may wonder if they should have been stricter or firmer.

Balancing Structure with Spontaneity

For many Mediator parents, establishing practical, day-to-day structures and rules for their children can be a challenge. Fortunately, people with this personality type can use their creative energy to impose rules without stifling their children’s curiosity and enthusiasm. By balancing structure with spontaneity, Mediator parents can help their children grow into their most caring, responsible, and joyful selves.

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