Mediator Personality

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Mediators (INFPs) are among the most social of all Introverts, and they care about even their most casual acquaintances. That said, they’re still Introverts. This means that they tend to feel most fulfilled by spending time with a small, intimate circle of friends. Acquaintances may come and go, but this inner circle is likely to include Mediators’ friends for life.

Early in a friendship, Mediators may be somewhat reluctant to share their inner lives. They may try to draw out their new friend instead, learning more about that person’s passions and motivations. As the friendship progresses, however, Mediator personalities can find it very meaningful to share their secret dreams and ideas with someone they know they can trust.

Mediator (INFP) friends

The Search for Kindred Spirits

In looking for potential friends, Mediators may find themselves drawn to people who remind them of themselves. Specifically, they may look for people who share their curiosity about human nature and their belief in doing the right thing. Among these kindred spirits, people with the Mediator personality type may feel accepted and understood in a way that helps them bloom in their own time.

That said, Mediators are capable of befriending all sorts of people. The combination of their Intuitive and Prospecting traits draws them to diverse perspectives, which helps them appreciate friends whose experiences and worldviews are totally different from their own. Mediator personalities may actually find it invigorating to connect with someone who, on the surface, has little in common with them.

For Mediators, a true friendship is founded on shared values, not just shared experiences. People with this personality type are unlikely to form strong friendships simply out of convenience. For example, while their affection for their coworkers may be strong, just working in the same office isn’t enough for Mediators to guarantee a substantial friendship. Deeper connections must come into play.

Friends for Life

When Mediators befriend someone, they may secretly (or not so secretly) hope to be friends with that person for life. These personalities are capable of strong, stable friendships marked by passionate support, subtle poetic wit, and a profound level of emotional insight. Their friends will be rewarded with loving sensitivity and depth. A hallmark of this relationship is an ever-present desire to help, learn from, and understand each other.

That said, Mediators do need personal space and alone time in order to recharge. At times, people with this personality type may withdraw from even their closest friends in order to reconnect with themselves and restore their energy, as all Introverts must. These departures are usually temporary, but Mediators may need to make sure that their friends don’t feel snubbed by their absence.

Even as their friendships grow stronger and deeper, Mediators’ enigmatic qualities never truly vanish.

People with this personality type look for ways to improve their friendships and share their affection with those who matter to them. Often, this takes the form of spending quality time with their friends – coming up with big dreams for the future and indulging in deep conversations about all sorts of topics. But even when Mediators are entirely on their own, they always hold their friends in their hearts.

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