ESTP in the Workplace

In just about any environment, the workplace included, it’s pretty easy to spot ESTPs. Boisterous and spontaneous, fun-loving and maybe a little crass, people with the ESTP personality type love tackling problems as they arise and telling great stories about their solutions afterwards. Naturally, some positions work better with these qualities than others, but ESTPs are adaptable individuals, and can find a way to make just about any situation a little more interesting.

ESTP workplace habits

ESTP Subordinates

ESTPs’ most challenging position is the one that most people have to start out in: as subordinates. While perfectly capable of exercising restraint on their own terms, ESTP personalities hate having others’ rules and regulations foisted upon them. ESTPs are known for their experimentation, improvisation and quick thinking – if they’re not allowed to use these qualities and have to check in with a supervisor for every little thing, they’ll be bored and frustrated.

ESTPs know well that risk equals reward, and they’ll gladly skirt more mundane tasks in favor of something a little more exciting, in the hope that it catches someone’s attention. A plaque and a bonus go a long way for people with this personality type. Getting ahead by the tenets of staid reliability, quiet helpfulness, or mere seniority isn’t ESTPs’ way – they move forward by sheer force of personality in a well-handled crisis.

ESTP Colleagues

As colleagues, ESTPs have a work hard, play hard mentality – as long as everyone else is pulling their weight, they’ll gladly pull their own, and have a great time doing it. Charming and popular individuals that they are, networking comes naturally to ESTPs. These qualities make it easy for ESTP personalities to get along with just about anyone.

At the same time, if ESTPs see a colleague as incompetent, or worse, lazy, they let them know in no uncertain terms. Emotional sensitivity is not their strong suit. ESTPs are very observant and well-tuned to changes in their colleagues’ habits and moods – unless they themselves are the cause of distress.

ESTP Managers

Management positions are where ESTPs are usually most comfortable, as they often give the most flexibility. Rules and traditions are a bother for people with the ESTP personality type – they’d rather try a bunch of new ideas with a chance of getting things done faster or better than to pay attention to "the way things have always been done" or subordinates’ comfort with experimentation. ESTPs are practical, with a focus on what does, or could, work best.

This can make for a chaotic environment, but ESTPs’ inspiring cult of personality makes them well-suited to handling such a thing. ESTPs enjoy living in the moment. Rather than some broad, intangible future accomplishment like "making customers happy", ESTP personalities set small, clear, measurable, and attainable goals that keep things on track day-to-day, and hearty congratulations can always be relied on for a job well done. ESTPs keep their eyes on the finish line, but they get there step by step.

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