ESTP Friends

People with the ESTP personality type are definitely the life of the party. With an enviable imagination and invigorating sense of spontaneity, ESTPs are never boring. They love exploring interesting ideas, both in discussion and by going out and seeing for themselves, which means that ESTPs always seem to have some fun activity hidden up their sleeves. At the same time, ESTP personalities are easy-going, tolerant, and charming, making them naturally quite popular.

When I Have an Idea, I Turn Down the Flame...

Hands-on, physical activities like team sports are ESTPs’ idea of fun, and these environments give them plenty of chances to make new friends. There is little difficulty for ESTPs here – they seem to get along with just about everyone, and make new friends wherever they go. ESTPs live in the moment, and as a naturally confident personality type (especially if they are Assertive as well), they don’t worry much about what others think of them. This attracts friends who share their attitude and zest for life.

ESTP friends

While not opposed to long philosophical discussions, and often enjoying the intellectual exercise, ESTPs are unlikely to develop friendships based solely around one-on-one discussions about European economic challenges and the role of religion in politics. Straightforward to the point of being blunt, ESTPs call it like they see it, and an honest opinion in debate is a sure thing. But at their hearts, ESTPs are people of action, preferring to do what can be done than to talk about what might someday be.

...Eventually It Builds Up and Explodes – That’s My Idea

Sitting idle, especially in boredom, is the bane of ESTPs’ existence.

Exploration, excitement, adrenaline and risk – ESTPs’ friends should be prepared for all of these things. Often enough they’re happy to perform for the crowd, but they also tend to encourage their friends to join in. Most personality types might take "thanks but no thanks" personally, but ESTPs are comfortable with who they are, and are more likely to just shrug their shoulders and move on with those friends who are game for adventure.

Pablo Magic
4 years ago
what a wonderful website..
4 years ago
The only thing I don't agree with is the philosophical and intelligent topics. My friend and I used to have full on debates on philosophy because it was our favorite subject. Intelligent topics always intrigued me, especially when they're discussed in movies and books. The rest, however, is spot on.
Jane Bender
4 years ago
I can tell you confidently, you are a minority... ;)
Macie Giordano
4 years ago
My only comment is that a reoccurring thought throughout this synopsis is that ESTP's don't like intellectual thought or philosophical arguments. However, I love to engage in both those. I do however agree with everything else said.
Matt Davis
4 years ago
I dont really think I encourage people into doing stuff but the rest is mostly accurate. :)
Jye Davies
4 years ago
I loved all the information about me! It was all correct, it also told me my future! I loved the personality test! : )
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