Extraverted Observant Thinking Prospecting

ESTP Personality


Entrepreneurs are savvy, energetic, and very perceptive people who truly enjoy living on the edge.

A scene representing the ESTP personality type (Entrepreneur). A famous male ESTP skier stands confidently in the snow, with pine trees and a mountain in the background. The skier is the center of attention, smiling while two fans – a male and a female – excitedly take his picture and ask for an autograph. The overall scene conveys a sense of adventure, boldness, sociability, and popularity.
E Extraverted S Observant T Thinking P Prospecting

Career Paths

When it comes to career options for people with the ESTP personality type (Entrepreneurs), “action” is the word of the day. They think on their feet and are great at making quick decisions in the heat of the moment. At the same time, they’re affable individuals who always seem to make friends and connections wherever they go. Popularity and solid networking can be huge assets in the working world, and ESTPs have no problem using these people skills to their advantage.

ESTP (Entrepreneur) careers

This social intelligence, combined with their natural boldness and improvisational skill, makes sales, business negotiations, marketing, and even acting – any tense, competitive environment – a great fit for ESTPs. These personalities trust themselves to make the right call. Risks, big and small, are a part of life, and they don’t sit around waiting for some boss at the top to tell them what to do. This can get ESTPs into trouble, but often enough it’s exactly what’s needed and can boost them up the career ladder just as well.

It’s hard to imagine ESTPs choosing secure but boring jobs over less stable but more exciting careers.

Restrictions, rules, highly structured environments – these are great ways to drive people with this personality type crazy. ESTPs live life on their own terms, and this makes them brilliant businesspeople and freelancers. These roles also allow them to delegate the more tedious aspects of work – the accounting, meticulous research, and so forth – to those better suited. But even though ESTPs prefer positions that give them the freedom to make their own schedule decisions, they are not likely to enjoy working from home every single day. They much prefer to be out in the world surrounded by others in any work that they do.

ESTPs are curious, energetic people with a taste for action. There are those who analyze and manage the logistics of public safety resource distribution, and there are those who drive the ambulances, patrol the streets, and save lives with their own two hands – they are the latter. They are highly observant yet impatient, enabling them to take in the whole of a situation at a glance and then act. Any emergency response role is great for ESTP personalities, whether it be as paramedics, police officers, or soldiers.

The Thrill of the Game

This quality of living in the moment and craving immediate results for their efforts translates well into another field: sports. The thrill of competition, of pushing themselves to the physical limit to rack up just one more point for the win can have no comparison for ESTPs. Whether they are on the field as athletes themselves, coaching from the sidelines, or commentating from high above, people with the ESTP personality type revel in well-honed team effort and a well-executed plan, and any of these positions makes a fine line of work for them.