ENTJ in the Workplace

For people with the ENTJ personality type, the workplace is all but a natural habitat. ENTJs’ efficiency and clear communication are valued, their leadership is admired, and their ability to simply get things done is unrivaled. That being said, some situations are more appropriate for ENTJs than others – these qualities all point to a managerial or executive role, making any position of comparative powerlessness highly undesirable.

ENTJ personality types are strident ones though, able to adapt themselves to just about any hierarchical relationship by doing what they do best: asserting their opinions, taking the initiative, and accomplishing feats that others thought impossible.

ENTJ Subordinates

Subordinate positions are challenging for ENTJs, and it takes active management to ensure their satisfaction and engagement. Ever the high achievers, ENTJ subordinates set out to learn new skills and to seek out new challenges and responsibilities, eager to prove that nothing is impossible with a little hard work. If things get a little slow, ENTJ personalities may slip into periods of absentmindedness, but when they feel involved in the projects around them, they prove well organized and well prioritized.

ENTJs hold themselves to very high standards, but a lot of what sets this tone is feedback from their environment – namely, criticism from their managers. Objective, rational statements about what is done right and what can be done better are helpful to ENTJs, and far from resenting such criticisms, they appreciate them. Opportunities for growth keep people with the ENTJ personality type engaged and productive, and so long as their managers recognize this as their primary responsibility, it will be a fruitful and satisfying relationship.

ENTJ Colleagues

Among colleagues, ENTJs are sociable and greatly enjoy sharing ideas and critiques in their frequent brainstorming sessions. Natural leaders that they are, ENTJs tend to assert themselves into positions as representatives and project leads, considering their objectivity and charisma the perfect qualities for these roles. ENTJ personalities enjoy working with equals, but people must demonstrate that they are equals – anyone ENTJs view as being less competent or driven will see only condescension and arrogance.

ENTJ workplace habits

ENTJs are strong-willed, even dominant, and though they enjoy inspiring and tutoring others, the energy they bring to the process can seem overbearing. When these roles are reversed, ENTJs’ mentors should bear in mind that their students are very rational and respect firm confidence – hand-holding, emotional appeals or wavering indecision will likely burn the bridge then and there. In a partnership, what is best is what is most effective, and time wasted sugarcoating reality is just that – time wasted.

ENTJ Managers

ENTJ managers are confident, charismatic communicators, and they communicate but one vision: to get the job done as efficiently as possible, and to the highest standard of quality. All else is subordinate to that objective, but the means by which ENTJs achieve it cause others to adopt this cause as their own. ENTJs are natural leaders, and their ability to formulate a strategy and to identify the strengths of each member of their teams, incorporating those abilities into their plans so that each individual fills a unique and important role, makes them able motivators.

But while these efforts boost morale and satisfaction among ENTJs’ likeminded subordinates, they are still crafted to achieve that ultimate goal of timely and exceptional work. Those seen as inefficient by their ENTJ managers, or who demonstrate themselves to be lazy or to produce shoddy work will know in no uncertain terms of their failure to impress. The only way to recover is to comply, the only alternative is to find a new manager to impress, somewhere else.

3 years ago
I work with an ENTJ and it's hell. No one can do anything right but her and she is quick to go to the hire ups to kiss up even if it means bringing other people down
4 years ago
I'm an ENTJ, and i suspect my boss is as well. We work at a paleoclimate research lab. I would say ENTJ's are well suited for sciences that involve a large degree of social application and interaction. Running a lab requires vision and strategy, as individual research projects must tie into larger funding goals. The best labs are dynamic and creative, finding funding from various sources, not just relying on grants from the federal government. They need leaders that can manage a rotating staff of various researchers, as each project has specific needs, and may include engineers, or social scientists. Labs may also spend a great deal of time interacting with the public. We've done presentations at everything from summer camps to council meetings to conferences. Being an effective and convincing communicator is a definite asset. I also work with INTJ's, and can say having a mixture is best.
1 week ago
That is awesome! I am ENTJ as well, and I have found that I love science and might possibly go into being some type of forensic scientist.
5 years ago
What an incite into my brain.. Quite scary actually, but i’m glad i’ve come across this.. It makes too much sense not to take this on board. I knew i was quirky and now this explains it.. Not sure if it’s good to be ENTJ or not? But at least i understand myself a little better. And i hope it will help me realise, that not everyone thinks the same as me and maybe just maybe, i need to learn to be, more tolerant. Either that, or i need to surround myself in a world with other ENTJ’s.. Could you imagine that? Lol
Yup this is correct
5 years ago
I have subordinates and a boss and this perfectly describes how I interact with both. Learning about personality testing has made me better aware of the "arrogance" and "condescending" ENTJ stereotypes, so I try to exercise patience and positivity. I am sure many of you reading this are experiencing the same.
shirley morgan
5 years ago
Very interesting! I took this personality test in college, after have some time to reflect on it, I started to "see" how I interact with my colleagues. I listen and then bam!
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