Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging

ENTJ Personality


Commanders are bold, imaginative, and strong-willed, always finding a way – or making one.

A scene representing the ENTJ personality type (Commander). Three ENTJs stand confidently in a forest setting, holding a pitchfork, tree saplings, and a watering can, with a dog at their feet. A fourth person, a female ENTJ, points towards a map of trees on an easel. In the background, there are numerous pine trees of varying sizes. The overall impression is one of leadership, determination, and a readiness to take charge in any situation.
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In friendship, people with the ENTJ personality type (Commanders) seek personal growth and inspiration, and they often have a plan for how to accomplish it. Friendships of circumstance, built on things like shared routines, are not this personality type’s preferred method. ENTJs prefer to seek out individuals who share their passion for deep, meaningful discussions and who enjoy learning and development as much as they do.

It is not always easy to be friends with ENTJs, as they demand a lot from these relationships. But they pay a great deal of attention to their friendships and will work hard to make sure that they are fulfilling, inspiring, and, most of all, conduits for mutual self-improvement.

ENTJ (Commander) friends

Always up for a Challenge

ENTJ friendships are built on ideas and respect. Consequently, much of what they find enjoyable is the repartee of putting thoughts forward and defending them from assault from every angle. People with the ENTJ personality type value intelligence and are highly critical. They won’t back down if they are put on the defensive – in fact, there’s no better way to earn their admiration.

ENTJ personalities can sometimes come off as too dominating or impatient in friendships. However, they are usually well-intentioned, wanting only the best for their friends and for plans to run smoothly and efficiently.

Many different kinds of people can form strong friendships with these bold personalities, although more sensitive personality types might struggle from time to time if their ENTJ friend places too much emphasis on what is rational instead of trying to understand how they might be feeling. This lack of sensitivity is one of these personalities’ greatest weaknesses.

Their tendency to challenge their friends, question their conclusions, and dismiss emotional arguments as irrelevant may occasionally rub people the wrong way. However, once any problems are brought to their attention, people with the ENTJ personality type can be very curious about and open to trying to understand other people’s emotional perspectives.

Bridging the Gap

More enlightened ENTJs recognize that if there ever was an area where they could learn from others and improve themselves, it is in the realm of emotional sensitivity – to dismiss any aspect of personal growth borders on hypocrisy. Still, the bulk of their friends will likely share some passion for logical, far-reaching ideas and critical debate.

Anyone who can match ENTJs’ ability to brainstorm and theorize will find an honest and dedicated friend. Anyone who can’t or won’t, as with many more down-to-earth personality types who often question the point of such discussions, might find themselves being challenged with new ways of thinking – perhaps a situation that everyone involved can learn from.