Advocates (INFJs) and Architects (INTJs): Awesome Work Buddies?

Popular perception has Advocates (INFJs) as warmhearted idealists and Architects (INTJs) as calculating and detached. So it might seem like an odd idea for these personality types to bond at work, right? But I’m going to tell you why they should. If you’re either type, listen up – I might be about to introduce you to your next work bestie.

I know, I know, you might be thinking, How dare you tell me who to be friends with?! (That’s so INxJ.) Seriously, though, just hear me out, and then make up your own mind.

Let’s toss aside stereotypes and consider what traits you have in common. You’re both Introverted, Intuitive personality types, so you have powerful imaginations, and you aren’t afraid to revel in them. You also share the Judging trait, so you like well-defined plans and take personal satisfaction in completing them. So far, so good, in a work context.

You diverge at the Feeling and Thinking personality traits, so you have somewhat different perceptions and priorities. If you’re an Advocate, how you – and others – feel is probably a prime focus at work. If you’re an Architect, processes and technical goals are likely to dominate your attention. That difference is also good.

Why? Because it’s almost like you’re two sides of the same coin. Your differences are more understandable to each other because of your commonalities. And even though you both think your way is the best (admit it), you’ll expand each other’s perspectives and abilities.

Sure, there will be ups and downs like in any friendship, but overall, you can offer each other a lot as work buddies. It might look something like this.


Creative Resonance

When you two get on the same page about a goal, it’ll take on a life of its own. You’ll babble about ideas until your jaws hurt and fire each other up to do your best work.

Uncanny Understanding

Once you get to know each other, your ingenious minds will be oddly in tune. You’ll communicate with glances, each knowing what the other is thinking about whatever is going on around you.

Twinsie Teamwork

Since adding too many people might drain your Introverted energy and slow you down, you’ll often get amazing things done with just the two of you. People will wonder if you secretly have a desk full of industrious gnomes.

Righteous Validation

You’ll totally frown and nod in agreement when one of you complains. “That’s not how things should be,” you’ll say, without judging each other for being Judging personalities. (You’ll also both have lots of firm opinions on where to get lunch.)

Shared Focus

If you’re working on the same project, you’ll (mostly) stick to the priorities and methods you agree on together. You both like organization, and sharing a coordinated, mutual plan will help you both feel less stressed.

But, Um…

One of you might talk a lot about personal interactions and experiences – and how you feel about them – and the other may expound on (or dissect) ideas and opinions in mind-numbing detail. (Guess which personality type is which.)

You’ll try to see the point of each other’s focus in life, but it’ll be hit and miss. That’s okay, though. Sometimes all you need to feel appreciated is for someone else to care enough to really listen and try to understand. So that’s how you’ll make the friendship work – sincere attention and respect.

Having Each Other’s Backs

Ultimately, you’ll lend each other your respective personal strengths, and it’ll make you both stronger.

As an Architect, you’ll benefit from the emotional insights and interpersonal skills of your Advocate buddy. They’ll help you master social aspects of the workplace and make progress in your career. And you’ll never get tired of having a kind, understanding friend at work. That can’t be beat.

And you Advocates are going to marvel at your Architect buddy’s ability to circle and examine things tactically without tripping over personal feelings. They’ll amplify your own rationality and help you make shrewd choices. When your day is melting around you, their support will be like a drink of cool water.

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Final Thoughts

Advocate and Architect personalities can be a great fit in the workplace, if they seek and offer their best qualities. I’m speaking from experience here, people, and I think our research stats back me up.

Of course, not every two individuals can become work buddies, but in terms of personality type, I encourage you INFJs and INTJs to check each other out. And, yes, partly for what you can do for each other. Work is transactional, and there’s no shame in exploring how you can help each other get ahead.

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