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Understanding the mechanics of your personality traits is key to achieving your most important goals.

82% of Architects surveyed reported that they’re cynical.

81% rated themselves a 4–5 out of 5 in skepticism.

We can’t ignore that data about the most data-loving personality type: the ever-questioning Architect. But the intriguing overview you’ve read so far is only 5% (yes, we actually measured it) of the information we have about your personality type. The deepest knowledge is still ahead.

Let’s get right down to the facts:

  • Gaining a more accurate understanding of your personality helps you make smarter decisions, take more effective action in life, and get the outcomes you want.
  • We’ve invested years uncovering the statistical truths of personality types by researching, testing, and surveying tens of thousands of people.
  • Our proprietary data lets us offer specialized knowledge about your personality traits and valuable guidance on how your personality type can best achieve goals and personal growth.
  • We offer detailed resources to help you make exciting progress in work, school, romance, your social life, raising a family, and critical aspects of self-development.
  • 96% of our Architect readers are satisfied with what we provide.
  • No gimmicks and no “catch” (keep reading, and we’ll explain) – just solid, eye-opening information and innovative, usable approaches to life’s challenges.

We’re experts at helping Architects like you achieve a higher level of ability and be happier with who they are. Master yourself, and you master your life. You can overcome what’s been holding you back – and we’ll make it easier.

Take this next step toward mastering your personality type with our research-backed offerings.

What you’ll find inside

Personal Growth icon

Personal Growth

91% of Architects say they frequently try to improve themselves – advance yourself mentally and emotionally with this chapter.

Career icon


80% of Architects say their career is extremely, very, or moderately challenging – go beyond easy and comfortable careers with this chapter.

Romantic Relationships icon

Romantic Relationships

Just 8% of Architects say they’re very good at attracting potential partners. Think of this chapter as your strategic plan for romance without the fluff.

Friendships icon


93% of Architects say intelligence is one of the primary traits they admire in others. Have you found your intellectual match in your friendships?

Parenthood icon


66% of Architects feel like they know what to expect regarding becoming a parent – for the 34% in the dark, this chapter will help you prepare.

Academic Path icon

Academic Path

99% (no, really) of Architects describe themselves as curious with an appetite for learning. Understand how to learn best in school and beyond.

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Some packages include specialized tests

Personal Growth

12 tests

Since personal growth is about deliberately making useful changes, these tests provide the data you need to enable progress. Explore your dark side with the Dark and Light Side Test – or see how well you recognize your own and others’ emotions with the Emotional Intelligence Test.


13 tests

Not satisfied with an easy or comfortable career? Want something that’s more challenging? Find out which job fields likely fit you best with the Job Preferences Test. Plus, to advance in your current career, gain insight into your unique leadership style with the Leadership Styles Test.


6 tests

Love is rarely rational, so increase your knowledge in all areas with these tests. Learn what makes someone a compatible match for you with the Romantic Fulfillment Test. Or use the Parenting Styles Test to get insight into your parenting style – whether you have kids already or not.

Frequently asked questions

The free personality test that you took provides some fantastic insights, but you’ve only seen 5% of what we can show you. Your Premium Profile holds the remaining 95% of insights into your personality type and goes way deeper than what you’ve already read. If you genuinely want to understand yourself and grow into the best version of yourself, then upgrading to the Premium Profile is a must. Think of it as your roadmap toward a happier, more successful, and more versatile you.

One of the most frequent responses from people after they take our personality test is, “I wish I had found this sooner.” For you, sooner is today, and that makes today the best time to upgrade to the Premium Profile. Today, you can take your happiness, success, and confidence into your own hands.

The first package (Premium Profile) gives you immediate access to the e-book for your personality type.

The second package (Premium Profile + Specialized Tests) gives you access to your e-book as well as 25+ specialized tests that will help you go deeper into how your personality traits affect your personal growth, relationships, and career. With the specialized tests, you’ll be able to answer specific questions, like:

  • How well do I understand my own emotions?
  • What does my dark side look like?
  • Am I a perfectionist?
  • How can I better understand my relationship with my partner?
  • How can I connect with my partner on an even deeper level?
  • Which job field fits me best?

The third package (All Premium Profiles + Specialized Tests) gives you access to all 16 e-books, so you can learn all that there is to know about every personality type. You’ll also get access to the specialized tests.

After buying, you’ll have instant online access to your Premium Profile, as well as the Premium Profiles for all 16 personality types, depending on which package you purchased. You can read the e-books online on any device or download them as PDFs for offline use. You’ll receive an email with a link to download your personal copy of the e-books that you’ve purchased. The e-books are yours to keep forever once you’ve downloaded them.

If you also purchased the specialized tests, you’ll be able to access them online instantly too. You’ll have unlimited access to these assessments for one year and will be able to revisit them as many times as you’d like.

Nope, what you see is what you’re charged. No matter which package you choose, you’ll pay a one-time payment with no sneaky renewals or hidden fees. Of course, you are free to upgrade your package at any time if you so desire.

You can download your Premium Profile as a PDF file immediately after purchasing it. You’ll also have online access to it through your 16Personalities Profile. If you also buy the specialized tests, you’ll have online access only for one year from when you purchase.

We didn’t slap this test together for the fun of it. Our research-backed personality model incorporates the latest advances in psychometric research, combining time-tested concepts with robust, highly accurate testing techniques.

Since 2011, we’ve been studying personality types and their influence on a successful life. As a result, our free personality test has been taken more than half a billion times and translated into 37 languages, making it the most translated major personality test available on the internet today.

Offering our test for free is precisely why we’re able to make it highly reliable and accurate – because the respondent samples are so large. If you’re interested, learn more about our open approach to validity.

Your Premium Profile is way more than a full-length e-book. In addition, you’ll get immediate access to extra online exercises that will help you dive deeper into the premium content. You can access these exclusive exercises in the online version of the e-book at any time, from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

Plus, you’ll have the ability to comment on premium content and discuss your insights with other premium members. Ask questions, exchange advice, and connect with like-minded souls who are just as interested in personal and professional growth.

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