4 Ways Mediators (INFPs) and Adventurers (ISFPs) Make Great Work Buddies – And 1 Way They Might Not

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Friends come in different forms, and I don’t just mean personality types. Some friendships can be situational, like at work. Workplace relations are interesting, because we’re expected to be friendly with people we didn’t choose as friends. Kind of odd, if you really think about it. It could be a recipe for insincerity. Call me a cynic if you like (or just an Architect – INTJ).

But certain personality types are openhearted and open-minded enough to, well, be open to genuine friendship almost anytime, anywhere. The Feeling and Prospecting personality traits often relate to this. Some express them gregariously, but I want to talk about two that tend to be quieter and more socially reserved: Mediators (INFPs) and Adventurers (ISFPs).

That’s right – I’m shining the spotlight on two of the least likely personality types to seek it. (Hello, you two!) Why? Because they have a lot in common and can make excellent allies at work. So I’m talking to you Mediators and Adventurers today about how you might connect and why you might want to try.

So Much Yes

A Pair of Yay-Sayers

You’re not likely to be negative about each other’s opinions and ideas, instead looking for ways to support them, or at least, express approval. You’re both pretty freethinking and would rather see things go well than say, “I told you so.”

Flexible Understanding

Neither of you naturally prefer strict rules, timelines, or limits. That comes in handy if things go off the rails. You’ll understand each other’s loose habits and get back on course quicker.

Heartfelt Care

You’re not the most effusive when it comes to strangers, but no personality types are more considerate of their friends. You’ll be able to share big-time emotional support in your own way.

Mutually Curious

Whether it’s a groundbreaking proposal or a weird new takeout lunch spot, you two will enjoy investigating new things together. And neither of you will feel the need to include a ton of people as you do.

That Other Thing…

Let’s call it hesitant honesty. Mediators and Adventurers don’t usually find it easy to confront people, especially people they like. Telling a friend something they don’t want to hear might be so unpleasant for you that you avoid it, even when it’s the right thing to do. So as work buddies, you might let each other down in terms of constructive criticism. But that’s no big deal if you can both learn to put on a different “hat,” now and then.

Whether it’s playing devil’s advocate to explore potential downsides or simply wondering aloud what certain other, more critical people (wink, wink) might say, you’ll find a way to gently express concerns to each other. In fact, your mutually respectful, kind way of doing so might serve as a model for others in your workplace. It’s something to think about – and practice.

Different Forms of Spontaneity

Your differing Intuitive and Observant personality traits change how you express the qualities you have in common, creating exciting opportunities to see things in a fresh light. That can be a big advantage at work and keep both of you from getting stuck in your own ways of thinking.

Mediators have an amazing gift for internal visualization. They conceive grand potentials and explore possibilities mentally, before ever trying anything out in the real world. Their enthusiastic vision creates inspiration to get things moving.

Adventurers come at goals from another angle, rarely wanting to spend much time thinking about ideas before trying them out. They like to learn through activity, investigating potentials in a direct rather than theoretical way.

When you combine theory and practice as work buddies, you reap the benefits of both while also counterbalancing the downsides – if you’re willing to learn from each other’s approaches. (You probably will be, because of all that positive stuff above.)

There’s so much more to learn about your potential work buddy – and yourself. To get started, check out our full-length e-books on Mediator (INFP) and Adventurer (ISFP) personality types!

However It Shakes Out Is Okay

Overall, your shared traits give you a lot of potential compatibility, and work buddy-hood may not even feel like something that needs to be built deliberately. Mutual Introversion can make pairing up feel great compared to big groups, whether you’re working on the same project or not.

So why not consider experimenting with the ways you can both help each other? Being work buddies doesn’t mean that you have to invade each other’s private lives. Broad personality compatibilities don’t guarantee that any two individuals will hit it off, but you may be surprised just how much your kindred Mediator and Adventurer spirits can boost each other at work.

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