You’re not like everyone else.

So... who are you?

Imagine waking up each morning with a clear sense of who you are. How would that change your life?

Would you...

  • ...look at yourself in the mirror more kindly?

  • ...devote yourself more freely to your passions?

  • ...connect more deeply with the people you love?

  • ...make progress on your life’s work?

As a Mediator, your personality is a beautiful mystery. If you struggle to understand yourself at times – well, that might be because you run so deep. “Mediators are so easy to understand,” said no one ever.

Alas, Mediators are the personality type most likely to say they want to change “quite a few things” about themselves.

Here’s the truth, dear Mediator: You don’t need to be changed. Beneath your quiet exterior, you thrum with big dreams, a wild imagination, and an immense, heartfelt desire to help others. You have a brilliant inner flame, even if others don’t always notice it – and even if you don’t always appreciate it.

Deep down, you know you’ll only become your best self if you stop trying to be like anyone else. But that’s easier said than done. Sometimes, it feels like the whole world is pressuring you to be outgoing and perfectly put-together – in other words, to conform. In these moments, you might worry about fitting in or pleasing others or being productive, all the while feeling that something is missing.

And that’s because something is missing: your true self.

Mediators offer so much understanding and compassion to other people. But what if you could extend this same power of insight to yourself? Even better, what if you could use this insight to guide your daily actions, habits, and behaviors?

Maybe you’d...

  • ...pursue a career that makes your heart sing.

  • ...finish that novel you’ve always wanted to write.

  • a new friend through an activity you love.

  • ...bring your best, brightest self to your relationships.*

*Including your relationship with yourself!

Yes, you can.

Only 37% of Mediators say they’re satisfied with what they’ve achieved so far in their lives.

There’s a myth that Mediators don’t get things done – and at times, maybe you’ve even felt that way about yourself. But at 16Personalities, we know that Mediators are motivated. You just need to connect with a sense of purpose before you leap into motion – which is actually a good thing.

In fact, that’s exactly why our approach to personal growth combines internal reflection with external action. That’s right, action. Once you connect with your true self, you’re more than capable of bringing your dreams and aspirations into this world.

We’ve made it our mission to help you do exactly that. We don’t just help you understand yourself and your goals – we also offer specially tailored guidance so you can take daily steps toward those goals, whatever they may be.

I have never felt more in touch with myself... After reading my full profile it was like I found myself all over again. I understand myself so much now, and have discovered bits and pieces of goodness and badness that make the whole of me. It’s like a map of yourself!

Melissa, Mediator

Next step: your wildest dreams.

We have a secret for you: Personal growth doesn’t have to feel like hard work. It doesn’t require feats of willpower or self-discipline. In fact, it can feel creative and wild and inspired – just like you.

Here’s how we’ll help you find your way:

Personal Growth

Searching for a sense of purpose? Get to know what motivates you deep down – so you can create your own path forward.

Romantic Relationships

Longing for true love? Learn to bring your greatest gifts to your romantic relationships – and connect with any personality type.


Craving more connection? We’ll help you find kindred spirits (they’re out there, we promise!) and cultivate deep friendships.


Focused on raising happy, purpose-driven kids? Find out ways to help your children grow into their gifts and passions.

Academic Path

Need to reconnect with your love of learning? Learn how to turn curiosity and imagination into your greatest learning tools.

Career and Professional Growth

Looking for a meaningful career? We’ll help you find a professional path that lights you up – and suits your values.

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The journey of a lifetime.

Ready to take the first step toward an inspired life? Check out our best resources for Mediators:

Mediator Guidebook

If your goal is to: Know thyself.

Searching for insights into your true self? This 306-page mega-profile brings together everything you need to know about being a Mediator, from your greatest challenges to your most notable gifts. Read it online or download as a PDF document – that’s completely up to you.

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Want deeper insights into your loved ones and friends – or even your boss? If so, this is the one for you. You’ll get access to 25+ specialized tests plus guidebooks for every single type, from Architects to Virtuosos and everyone in between.

Ready to find your way?

Mediator Guidebook
Longing to understand yourself – including all the reasons you’re not like anyone else? This 306-page mega-profile brings together everything you need to know about being a Mediator – all in one place.
So you can: Know thyself.
Mediator Guidebook + Specialized Tests
Looking to make some changes in your life? Get access to 25+ specialized tests for an entire year and let them guide you as you follow your dreams. This also includes the premium profile, of course.
So you can: Make a life change.
All Guidebooks + Specialized Tests
Wish you could know what goes on in the minds and hearts of those around you? Get access to 25+ specialized tests for an entire year, along with downloadable guidebooks for all 16 personality types.
So you can: Understand yourself and others.

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I wish I had found this sooner to better understand my combination of personality traits. From learning about yourself to your friendship, romance, education and career preference, the profile is spot on. Thanks for the wonderful insight and advice guys!


This helped explain many traits that I just didn’t understand. I never understood why certain things about me were so different from others, and constantly felt misunderstood because of it. This changed that for me. I accept who I am confidently and securely.


It was so accurate it was scary. I often wonder why I am the way I am, and find myself analyzing my personality and my surroundings. I finally found something that describes how I am feeling, and I will never stop learning and growing. Thank you.


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