INFP careers

There are few personality types whose typical careers are more consistent than those of INFPs. On the other hand, INFP personality traits tend to be very diverse and strongly expressed, and this affects INFP careers as well. We will give some tips and ideas in this article, but please feel free to leave a comment below. We will do our best to incorporate your ideas and suggestions.

To begin with, most INFPs have strong principles and internal values. People with this personality type do not tire in defending ideas they hold dear, and they are very devoted to both individuals and causes. This trait is the core focus of some of the best INFP careers. For instance, INFPs tend to be brilliant writers, and they can be extremely persuasive when writing about a cause that they consider important. It goes without saying that some of the greatest writers were or are INFPs; this personality type is unmatched when it comes to writing skills. If you are an INFP and such a career interests you, by all means, give it a try, especially since the Internet gives you an excellent platform. You will likely be pleasantly surprised.

Next, the INFP personality type is one of the very few types whose ideal career list includes service-oriented roles. INFPs are sincerely interested in other people and, for better or for worse, tend to put others’ wishes above their own. Combined with creativeness, this personality trait makes INFPs skilful counsellors, social workers, or psychologists. Some other typical careers make excellent use of such personality characteristics as well; many INFPs can be found in academia or other related professions.

INFPs are very growth-oriented, but they are also highly sensitive and very vulnerable to criticism. This is further complicated by their tendency to work alone. INFPs do not usually feel too comfortable in careers that are typically associated with stressful or teamwork-oriented environments. Some of the best INFP careers turn this trait into a great advantage. For instance, INFPs can be truly inspiring religious workers, musicians, or personal coaches. These careers tend to be very individualistic and require a lot of personal effort, which would make most INFPs quite happy.

Overall, the INFP personality type is very rare, complex, and enigmatic, and INFPs seek careers that are more than just jobs. People with this personality type need to know that what they do strongly resonates with their internal values and core principles. As already mentioned, there are quite a few careers highly suitable for INFPs—they simply need to find a worthy cause.



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Jul 26, 2014 05:20:33
I took this test and was amazed at how true it really was! I am currently in college for Respiratory Therapy and have recently published my first book. I love to draw and day-dream about anything. As I was reading some of the comments above I was shocked at how similar they were to me. I have always been reclusive in my family prefering to sit alone. A friend of mine was talking about this site and so i decided to check it out. I am very glad that I did! Thank you everyone for your comments...they really made me happy :).
Eva Marie
Jul 25, 2014 16:55:14
I recognize myself very much in the descriptions I've read about the INFP personality. I also recognize the fact that by not being organized and allowing myself to fall into my current career (of 24 years) I put myself in a position where I dislike my work. I am a professional purchasing agent who is required to analze data all day long and make logical decisions stemming from that data. Analyzing data is a task I dread doing. As a youth, I spent my time creating photographs and writing stories. (I even won a writing contest when I was in high school.) I wish I had pursued a career in photography or as a fiction writer. I am highly introverted and require a lot of alone time to recharge my internal batteries. As such, I tend to spend my personal time creating fine art photographs or caring for and playing with my dogs. I've been rescuing and rehabilitating dogs for years and find them to be wonderful companions. Take it from me my fellow INFPs....don't spend your life working in a career that does not suit you. Reach for those stars and follow what you love.
Jul 15, 2014 04:41:07
all this is so on point. i'm currently studying journalism and have always been involved in creative writing and acting so it amazes me.
Jun 28, 2014 10:12:11
I am a lawyer... The writing skills come in handy, but I think with dread of the moment I will need to defend a client who I think is wrong. The working environment is far too stressfull and drives me into depression and procrastination. I speak five languages and am thinking of going into academia and/or freelance translation, but too afraid to make the move. Help!
John Doe
Jul 03, 2014 20:00:48
I'm in law school right now at a certain very expensive private school in New Orleans. Lots of lawyers in my family (including county and federal judges and a couple of prominent local politicians), including my dad. I had a breakdown during my second semester and had to take off for the semester, and I had to finally admit to my parents my recurrent depression and procrastination that I fall into. My therapist just had me take a personality test and it finally makes sense. I've always been able to force myself to be extroverted but I'd really much rather be alone, reading/writing, or painting. Basically, I've been trying to force myself into a mold that, deep down, I knew wasn't me. In the next couple of weeks I'm going to be telling my parents that I'm not going back and that I'm going to take some time off to figure things out. Academia and charity has always fascinated me and throughout high school and college I was always volunteering at homeless shelters, so I may go get a masters in social work or something else- who knows! With your skills in language, I think you'll be quite marketable- especially in academia. Good luck on your own career decision, take heart in the fact that you're not alone!
Lynette Lim
Jun 25, 2014 03:03:29
I took the test twice and both times came out INFP. I am in fashion retail specializing in footwear and bags. I totally get the bit about having a cause because after more than 10 years in this line, I am now thinking about doing a social enterprise business incorporating retail. I never saw myself as a writer and to be honest, started a blog, but found myself having a writer's block. Maybe the reason for having a blog or the blog's objective was not clear. But for sure the assessment totally fits how I live and operate in my life!