ESTP careers

When it comes to a career, ESTP personalities have a long and diverse list of jobs to choose from. People with this personality type are quick decision-makers, which makes them excellent candidates for roles that require thinking on the feet—e.g., sales, emergency services, crisis management, military, law enforcement, etc. This is further reinforced by the fact that ESTPs live in the present moment and like to see the results of their actions immediately instead of thinking about the future. They also tend to be very charming and popular individuals with excellent networking skills; such traits can give them a great advantage.

ESTP personalities also tend to be quite impatient, which means that careers or roles involving meticulous research or repetitive tasks are not a good fit for them. ESTPs are very observant, and this trait can be very useful in certain professions (e.g., sales or marketing), but their curious and energetic nature will push them toward action-oriented rather than highly analytical roles. It is very difficult to imagine an ESTP choosing a secure yet boring job over a less stable but more exciting career path. ESTPs enjoy taking risks, big and small, and usually come out as winners.

ESTPs dislike restrictive rules and highly structured environments, often choosing to trust their own abilities and ideas instead of waiting for someone “at the top” to tell them what to do. This sometimes lands the ESTP in trouble, but it can also push them up the career ladder (if there is one). For instance, people with this personality type can be brilliant entrepreneurs and freelancers. Their boldness and improvisation skills can be a formidable advantage in a competitive environment.

Finally, ESTP personalities can be excellent athletes. They tend to be very competitive and energetic, which are great traits when it comes to careers in sports. ESTPs are thrilled by action, and there are few better ways to expend all that energy than by becoming a professional athlete, a coach, or a sports commentator.

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Jun 18, 2013 10:21:15
This article seems centered around jobs traditionally chosen by men. I don't see any careers that a woman would be more likely to choose.
Jul 03, 2013 18:43:56
Being a woman estp, I am prone to try ANY activity that includes men and/or women. I was in the military and worked in sales and volunteer for an emergency crisis center, so I think that women who would normally take a traditional role in the workplace, will find some rewarding experiences with 'male' typical jobs or even extracurricular activities. I have no regrets...and now I know what kinds of things I will never want to do for a career. Women can do anything that men can do, and sometimes better...and sometimes not better, but I think women are more willing to try men roles than vise versa. Good luck to you.
Jul 04, 2013 19:06:25
You are pigeonholing women to a stereotyped profession. Please consider that people can choose any profession they'd like and be happy. The article only acknowledges personality types, not what one person may or may not think is a traditional job for either male or female.