ENTJ parents

ENTJs are likely to be strong-willed, strict, and responsible parents. People with this personality type do not like to compromise. They love challenges and set high standards for themselves. Naturally, these traits are clearly recognizable in the ENTJ parenting style as well. ENTJ parents will do everything they can to ensure that their children are smart and independent high-achievers.

ENTJ personalities are unlikely to worry much about instilling their principles and values; they place more importance on rationality and independent thinking. However, ENTJ parents will not tolerate children disrespecting their authority. An ENTJ will often encourage their children to voice their own opinions and not be afraid to defend them, but they will also make sure that every child knows their obligations.

People with the ENTJ personality type are likely to have two major difficulties when it comes to parenting. First, ENTJs are not very emotional or sensitive, and consequently, they do not really see a point in paying much attention to these matters. This may make it quite difficult for them to connect with their children on the emotional level. Second, ENTJs are likely to find it quite challenging to communicate with their children during their adolescence as they may then try to reject the ENTJ’s authority. ENTJs should try to adopt a less structured approach as the child grows and matures.



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