INFP Friends

The true friends of people with the INFP personality type tend to be few and far between, but those that make the cut are often friends for life. The challenge is the many dualities that this type harbors when it comes to being sociable – INFPs crave the depth of mutual human understanding, but tire easily in social situations; they are excellent at reading into others’ feelings and motivations, but are often unwilling to provide others the same insight into themselves – it’s as though INFPs like the idea of human contact, but not the reality of social contact.

INFP friends

How Poor Are They That Have Not Patience

In a lot of ways, this limits the potential pool of friends to other Diplomat types, who are able to pick up on the subtle clues left by their INFP friends, and who are more likely than not to enjoy something of a human enigma. A friendship with an ESTJ on the other hand, governed by social conventions and community participation as they are, would almost be a non-sequitur – though INFPs may find the idea of being paired with their opposite fascinating enough to outweigh the practical challenges to such a friendship.

To top it all off, ideas like networking and "the friend of my friend is my friend" hold little weight with INFPs. Friendships are earned on their own merit, by dint of the intuitive respect INFPs have for those with similar principles and values, rather than more practical alignments like those of coworkers. INFPs’ tendency to protect their sensitive inner cores and values from criticism, especially if they are on the more turbulent side of the spectrum, means that acquaintances will likely get nowhere near them without sustained and tactful effort.

But, if INFPs’ shields are properly navigated and they decide to open up and trust another person, a strong, stable friendship will ensue, marked by passionate support and idealism, subtle poetic wit, and a level of emotional insight that is hard to match. INFPs’ friends will be rewarded with calm, sensitivity and depth, and an ever-present desire to help, learn, and grow. But even the most confident and assertive INFPs will only be able to keep up this relaxed and present exterior for so long.

Even as friendships grow stronger and deeper, and friends are lulled into a sense of mutual understanding, INFPs’ enigmatic qualities will never truly vanish.

INFPs will always need to disappear for a while, removing themselves from others so they can re-center on their own minds and feelings. Often enough people with the INFP personality type will emerge from this time alone having come to some momentous decision that even their closest friends didn’t know was weighing on them, evading even the option of receiving the sort of support and advice they so readily give. Such is INFPs’ way, for better or for worse.

INFP-A Artist, Poet, and Wannabe Biologist
3 years ago
Is anyone else really sarcastic. i used to hate sarcasm. things change. i tend to be consistantly inconsistent.
INFP 101
3 years ago
I love sarcasm. I tend to use it around my friends a lot. The problem is sometimes I can't tell if they think I'm serious or not and I wonder about that for a lot of time.
1 year ago
INFP-A Artist, Poet, and Wannabe Biologist
3 years ago
Is it just me, or an INFP thing? i love learning about others, and find perspectives and thought patterns fascinating. i try not to judge because people are different... and ALIVE. i love nature and hate injustice, but would value mercy over justice, while another values justice more. when REMINDED i find that i do love life and a challenge, but other times i'm just exhausted. i value truth and saving another's feelings. i am extremely Sympathetic and extremely Empathetic, so much that i have to ignore it or else butt in where im not wanted. and i need logic to support emotion but cant have just one to decide upon unless pushed.
Krystal Lee
3 years ago
I am an INFP and I do not have any close friends, however I have one close acquaintance which I'm always fond of and she is such a nice girl, although she is younger than me. We both met each other when we were in foundation program and our relationship grew until we both succeeded in enrolling to degree. Now we both are in second year and a few days ago (after we both had enrolled in subjects for next semester), she asked me to register in the same class with her bestfriend. Apparently, her bestfriend had changed her major and enrols in the same units like us. I met her bestfriend before but we never talked. She insists that I should getting know with her bestfriend but it is burdensome for me. So, I decide to stay away from her and register in different class. I agree with the idea of "the friend of my friend is my friend" hold little weight with me. Besides, I have been sticking with her for more than a year so I need to be alone and I do not want to deal with any social interactions, which I can get tired of easily. I told her about it and she respects my opinion although she keeps pressuring me to stay with her and her bestfriend. I am not sure if I made the right decision but I am okay just being alone and do my things quietly. However, sometimes I do feel really sad and lonely because I do not have any friends although I tried to approach people so I don't feel left out, but no one understands me. So, I just stop making new friends.
3 years ago
:( Not all people want to take advantage of INFP's. I really like INFP's and my closest friend is one. In my opinion you guys are the most trustworthy. And I love being friends with you. I was really sad after reading that sentence ("we're the kind of people that others are going to want to take advantage of")...
3 years ago
I myself am an ENTP and one of my closest friends is a INFP. It is one of the most difficult friendships i have, because she can't deal with criticism and discussion, while i can't do without it. But even though we have a lot of problems understanding each other, it probably is the most valuable friendship i have because she teaches me kindness and acceptance, and i teach her how to be strong and independent.
A confused INTJ
3 years ago
Where is the emotion section? Anyways, I just thought to mention that I admire you all. My best friends always seem to end up being Diplomats. I love how in tune you guys are with your emotions, you can practically read emotions, so it is nice for a change to not have to explain myself. You guys just seem to get it. Thanks for putting up with me and my fellow INTJs!
3 years ago
This is another INTJ, and I too find myself becoming good friends with Diplomats. I find they balance out my unemotional nature while still understanding me. By the way, other personality types don't have an emotions section; I guess they specifically needed to address it with our type lol.
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