INFP Careers

It is perhaps more challenging for INFPs to find a satisfying career than any other type. Though intelligent, the regimented learning style of most schools makes long years earning an advanced degree a formidable undertaking for people with the INFP personality type – at the same time, that’s often what’s needed to advance in a field that rings true for them. INFPs often wish that they could just be, doing what they love without the stress and rigor of professional life.

Oftentimes, as with so many things, the answer lies somewhere in the middle, in a line of work that begins with passion and dedication, but which comes to require training so that the academia feels intimately linked to that passion. Too many INFPs drift in frustration, ultimately succumbing to the necessities of day-to-day life in a job that wasn’t meant for them. But it turns out that, despite such exacting demands, modern economics places a premium on the very keys to INFPs’ challenges: their creativity, independence, and need for meaningful relationships with individuals who need their help.

INFP careers

There’s Place and Means for Everyone

First and foremost is seemingly every INFPs’ dream growing up – to become an author. While a novel is a classic choice, it is rarely an accessible one, and there are many viable options for freedom-loving INFPs. The internet brings to the world the opportunities of blogging and freelance work – as organizations expand their reach beyond their native tongues, they will come to depend on INFP personality types, with their gift for language and written expression, to take their rougher translations and stale pitches and inject them with a sense of beauty and poetry. Smaller organizations will need more than ever to express with elegance the value they bring to local communities.

Most any cause, idea, or field can benefit from the artful and natural expression that INFPs bring to the table, and INFPs have their pick of the world in choosing who they work with.

The real beauty here is that it takes a core interest that people with the INFP personality type share, while helping a cause they believe in, independently, through creative expression and personal growth, and makes it applicable to any interest there is. There will always be a need, and now more than ever, to win people’s hearts and minds with the written word.

Some INFPs will prefer a still more personal touch, being able to work face-to-face with clients, seeing that their personal effort really impacts another’s quality of life. Service careers such as massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, counselling, social work, psychology and even academic roles and retraining can be exceptionally rewarding for INFPs, who take pride in the progress and growth they help to foster. People with the INFP personality type have a tendency to put others’ interests ahead of their own, a mixed blessing by itself, but when a patient takes their first unaided step in the long road to recovery after an accident, nothing will feel more rewarding than that selflessness.

If to Do Were as Easy as to Know What Were Good to Do...

Where INFPs will not thrive is in a high-stress, team-heavy, busy environment that burdens them with bureaucracy and tedium. INFPs need to be able to work with creativity and consideration – high-pressure salespeople they are not. It can be a challenge to avoid these roles, as they are the basis for so much starting work, and it’s often a risk to break away into something less dependable, but more rewarding. To find a career that resonates with INFPs’ values though, that’s more than just a job, sometimes it’s just what needs to be done.

10 months ago
This is really accurate. So accurate it's scary. At least it finally explains the way I am.
1 year ago
Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a game programer, but I don't know I have what it takes to follow that dream. I'll try, but it's very difficult to program right? Is there anyone who programs games that can give tips?
1 year ago
Same here, man.
1 year ago
It shouldn't be very difficult if you practice writing programs. Start with simple languages like Java. Go through tutorials and try to program something simple to start off. It might not be a controllable character running around in the first program you write, but if you put in the effort and practice everyday writing different things, you should be able to start creating a game in a few month time. There are always bunch of resource online. A very good source for programming in general is stack overflow. If your question is to ask rather a INFP can be a game programmer, well I think anything is possible if you put your mind to it as long as you feel satisfy with what you are doing. I am a software developer myself.
7 months ago
First try Scratch, it's brilliant for beginners to get an idea. Then experiment and practice with other stuff.
1 year ago
This section in particular is scarily accurate. I wanted to become an author when I was younger, even going so far as to contact a publishing agency (who still sends me emails to this day!) in hopes of publishing a book. Upon realizing that I would never make it as an author professionally, I abandoned that idea and wrote stories for fun. I have changed ideas for a career many times; from a veterinarian, to a psychologist, to a forensic scientist but seeing how long it would take for me to reach that level in years of college and schooling has turned me off. I can't believe how true all of this is, it's like someone is watching over my shoulder.
3 months ago
When I was younger, I was a little obsessed with being a forensic scientist - CSI, Criminal Minds and other shows like that are all I would watch on television. Being a Veterinarian came before even that - I told my whole family about it and they even gave me books to read about animals. Even though they did that, I rarely ever read them. I don't journal in nature (the animals) and I also don't study animals or volunteer with them like I should. I've never thought about being a psychologist before but there is such a powerful emotional experience that comes from helping people and I've been dying for those moments to show up again - it's been a really long time. All I can do now is stay in school. The reason why I say this is because I realized that no other career has ever "spoken" to me before. Even though school and people can be draining, it's the only way I know I can train my ability to change my inner feelings towards something more understanding and expressive. I need to study people and environments, it's the only way I can even feel alive. I'm hoping for that next powerful emotional moment where I get to say, "Yeah, that was so me." It might be because I suffer from depression sometimes, but I can literally feel my physical body rejecting the notion of never speaking and writing to people again. I personally have had difficulty finding a job to latch on to in the real word, to stay expressive, so I'm pretty sure school may be my only outlet. Even as I type that, me thinking that way doesn't feel completely right. Maybe for mediators this has more to do with relationships. I haven't dated in a really long time either. Maybe me not liking what I do everyday has to do with that. That's the one thing I've noticed about academia (mostly because people keep saying it), it doesn't really satisfy the need, in the real world, to connect with people in a more real or adult way. Not sure how much of this applies to everyone else, though. Good luck on your journeys.
2 years ago
Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to be a veterinarian. However, I'm realizing now that it takes a lot of school, not to mention a lot of social activity since vets work almost as much with the people as their animals. I want to do what I'm passionate about but I'm not sure if I have the capacity to do it. Any suggestions?
1 year ago
If you think it might overwhelm you and stress the living daylights out of you, then use a hobby to decompress. Read, cook, play video games, listen to music, draw, settle in your blanket before putting your headphones and watching some long videos. Play Pokemon Go, send a random quote you find hilarious to your friend, write that smutty fanfiction you kept fantasizing about, ship your OTP, watch anime (I find Nichijou to be incredibly funny), play Undertale and appreciate Frisk's poker face, write long list of puns, a whole arsenal of them! Buy and play board games like Snake Oil or Cards Against Humanity. Nerd out about space or whatever it is that you love nerding about. Question the concept of Infinity and Death (don't judge me) and have existential crisis. Fall off your chair like Dan (that was a reference) or buy a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) mat if you have the money. The possibilities are endless! (I literally just wrote thid up as ideas came so brainstorming is cool too) Always find the time to relax and zen yourself to calmness. believe in you and your capacities! If you really want to become veterinarian despite the hardships to come, then use that determination of yours to fuel your journey!
1 year ago
I'm actually facing a similar problem to yours. For the past year or so I had been considering my career options and I settled on becoming a geneticist. However, I now realise how much effort it will take to get there and it's really frustrating! My family says that I'm underestimating myself by thinking that I'm not going to make it, but I still have doubts...
1 year ago
I feel exactly the same way. I have wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember. You just need to take into consideration just how badly you want it, and if it is something you're really passionate about you can do it. You should also consider if it is just animals you're passionate about, if it is you don't have to go into the medical field of it. You could maybe try zoology and observe and study them in the wild. You can also go to websites for careers and dig through the animal related ones and find what suits you. I hope I could've helped you. :)
1 year ago
The social activity is 1on1 though. You're not speaking to crowds. Also, there's a difference in it being functional communication. You are speaking from your expertise to them, they came for that. They take the social initiative to come to you with theirs pets.
2 years ago
I tend to dreaming about fictional character and making it as novel... but the problem is I am too lazy that I'll abandon my in project novel...
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