ESFP in the Workplace

Regardless of what position ESFPs find themselves in the workplace, they share a desire to make the environment as friendly and enjoyable as possible. People with the ESFP personality type are able to take a social and relaxed attitude and use it to get everyone else on board with practical tasks that just need to get done. The more freedom ESFPs have to meet these needs, the better the results, so long as they know what the goal is, and there’s hardly a better personality type to have around in a dynamic, hectic work environment.

ESFP workplace habits

ESFP Subordinates

As subordinates, ESFPs thrive on change and new ideas, and loathe repetitive and strictly defined tasks. ESFP personalities’ managers find willing and able experimenters who can brainstorm, quickly grasp new methods, and actually put those methods to practical use – so long as ESFPs have a little leeway apply their own creative style. Changes may take a few tries though, as ESFPs can be forgetful in the heat of the moment, and can get more caught up in trying to get quick returns.

ESFPs give honest feedback on whether things make sense, but are quite sensitive to others’ criticism of their own habits. Under fire, people with this personality type (especially Turbulent ones) become defensive and are easily upset. But in the end, if they believe that the criticism comes from an honest intent to help, not hurt, ESFPs take it to heart. The biggest struggle for ESFPs in subordinate positions is that they value freedom and independence far more than safety and security – if their conditions aren’t met, they’re as likely to leave as make do.

ESFP Colleagues

If anyone can make friends with their colleagues and keep tension at bay within their team, it’s ESFPs. A fun atmosphere is important, and people with the ESFP personality type use their strong observational and social skills to bring everyone together, shifting a souring mood if need be. ESFPs rarely want for ideas on how to make this happen, happily organizing events and activities inside and outside the workplace. ESFPs’ spontaneity, wit, and enthusiasm have no equal.

ESFP Managers

As managers, ESFPs do everything they can to pump energy and fun into the day-to-day work that needs to be done. ESFP personalities enjoy being the center of attention, and even more so to feel like they’re needed and appreciated. Jumping into the thick of the work and applying themselves to anything they’d ask their subordinates to do is something ESFPs consider part of the job. Authority and social status are secondary to feeling like they’re an important part of a team that gets the job done.

ESFPs are great at noticing others’ moods, and there are few personality types better at preventing conflict and encouraging relaxed, enjoyable workplaces. Subordinates are always welcome to speak their minds, and people with this personality type are always happy to hear others out, especially if something is upsetting them. ESFPs’ ability to relate to others and think on their feet makes them resourceful and inspiring leaders.

1 year ago
Conclusion I have done this test with all honesty and demand from a professor And thus I have discovered many things about myself
3 years ago
By bestirs totally agree when they read this and when they took the tests I totally agreed on theirs too!! This is sooo creepy. Haley (my bestie) threw her phone because it was so creepy to her!
4 years ago
Everything is true except the criticism, I prefer that I be told the truth, it may hurt, I may kick, scream and cry, but I do get over it quickly, I am a very logical person, after crying I think about what was said, logicalize it not a word, just made it up, and see if it applies to me becoming a better person or if they were just being jealous and mean, if it make sense I apply it, if it was vicious, I watch my back, and do my best to charm, and get the individual to seen the positive side.
Tom Pennington
5 years ago
I tried to answer the questions as accurately as I could, but this evaluation is for the most part not how I see myself. Actually, I wish I was more like what they described
Funmi from Nigeria
5 years ago
This is me. I would work very hard to correct the negatives
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