ESFP Careers

ESFPs have a unique quality that makes them exceptional in some careers, and miserable in others – they mirror the mood around them. When people with the ESFP personality type are at a party or concert, they reflect that mood, giving them that "party people" image. When their friends are sad, they mirror that with sympathy and empathy. And when there is a crisis, ESFPs adapt as well, matching the intensity of the situation.

Trying to Find Yourself...

As a result, just about any career that focuses on working with others is a good fit, and is even essential for ESFPs to be happy and productive. ESFP personalities are natural entertainers, event planners, sales representatives, trip planners, and tour guides, as each of these creates a sense of excitement, stimulation, and novelty between them and their customers.

ESFP careers
ESFPs balance their emotional sensitivity with a strong sense of independence and resourcefulness, making each experience unique.

ESFPs genuinely enjoy spending time with others and getting to know them, and have a knack for making people happy, even in the most frustrating situations. A good challenge is always appreciated by ESFP personalities, and they make wonderful and inspiring counselors, social workers, personal coaches, and consultants who improve employee or customer satisfaction.

With their ability to respond with resourcefulness and passion when their help is badly needed, ESFPs make brilliant medical professionals, especially as EMTs, paramedics, and nurses. They quickly pick up information about others, helping them get straight to the heart of the issue when dealing with the sick or injured. ESFPs thrive on intense emotion, and there’s hardly a better place for it.

Not everybody has the energy for that though, or wants the responsibility of life and death – some ESFPs prefer to make people happy and excited by creating beauty instead. People with this personality type have plenty of creative energy, and many build fulfilling careers in music, fashion, photography, and interior design. With the best aesthetic sense of any personality type, ESFPs are renowned for their sense of style.

...Isn’t Always Easy

However, jobs that eliminate human contact and focus on impartial, data-driven decisions are torturous to ESFPs. Some ESFP personalities do well enough by blowing off steam with friends after work, but for the most part, careers like technical writing or data analysis are poor fits. Add ESFPs’ loathing for schedules, structures, and repetition, and nine-to-five administrative work is quickly sent to the "nope" bin.

Regardless of where their diverse passions lie, ESFPs need freedom, novelty, and above all, human contact. People with the ESFP personality type need to know that they aren’t just appreciated, though that is very important, but liked. When ESFPs come in to work, they want to see a touch of chaos, and to navigate it with a crack team of capable friends who are all too happy to take action by their sides.

1 year ago
Enjoy work and focus on it. Work hard and seriously when we work
3 years ago
This is spot on me! I
Joan Roberts
3 years ago
I'm 67 retired for three years and haven't stopped. Couldn't find time to work now even if I did need to. I guess that makes this analysis pretty spot on. Let's have a party and celebrate! Xx
Gemarie DeJesus
4 years ago
Wow the results seem so true about me! My personality ESFP has now motivated me more to become an actress.
4 years ago
I'm studying nursing and have been wanting to be a nurse since I was 10! This test was amazing!
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