ESFP Friends

ESFPs are known for their irrepressibly social and excited attitudes. They don’t internalize much of anything, sharing it all with their extensive circles of friends with wit, style, enthusiasm, and optimism. ESFPs are explorers of the pleasures of life, and they take particular pleasure in sharing those experiences with others. For ESFPs, there’s no point in living if you can’t feel alive.

ESFP friends

Better Be Totally Ridiculous Than Totally Boring

ESFPs are people of action. Getting out with activities that engage all five senses is ESFP personalities’ idea of a good time. Sometimes though, ESFPs may go too far with risky or careless behaviors, and try to bring others along for the ride. People with this personality type are sensitive, and rejecting these pastimes can be taken personally, ending friendships then and there. ESFPs don’t have time to be lectured.

Making new friends isn’t a problem for ESFPs though – they use an alluring combination of blunt truths and disarming openness and charm to keep things moving. Where ESFP personalities falter is in keeping the friends they already have. In their excitement and focus on here and now over history, ESFPs too easily exhaust the adventure one person has to offer, moving on once one person’s novelty has worn off.

This can all give the impression that ESFPs are shallow, pleasure-centric creatures who care little for anyone but themselves. This is a terrible misunderstanding, and far from the truth, but nevertheless makes friendships with Intuitive (N) personality types challenging. ESFPs care sincerely about their friends – it’s why they put so much effort into coming up with group experiences they believe everyone will enjoy – and they are deeply distressed by the occasional conflicts that end these relationships.

As they grow and mature, ESFPs respect different personality types and approaches more and more.

Novelty is king for people with the ESFP personality type, and there’s only so much diversity among fellow Explorer types. ESFPs love touching on intellectual and philosophical subjects, and they seek out a diversity of personality types and perspectives to keep among their friends. But as these friends grind into the details of some esoteric topic about the long-term consequences of faltering European economic output, ESFPs inevitably find their minds wandering, hoping for someone to rush up and say "Guess what just happened!"

7 months ago
That's like exactly right! :)
4 years ago
I'm an INTJ with an ESFP friend. She's a great person, but I sometimes find her quite difficult to manage, with all her irrationality and her full-on attitude. Tips for being better friends with her?
4 years ago
Fairly true, actually, mainly true; except I thrive in a school environment and thourghly enjoy intellectual conversation. I do get bored relatively easily though
4 years ago
All good so far, except I'm intellectual and analytical. I love deep intellectual conversations...but get bored easily (yawn). I am doing postgrad studies and I'm a bad planner, but get it all done, and always try to get to the top. I can't commit. Even with the most amazing(in my eyes) women :'( always looking for the next challenge.
Andrea Castillo
4 years ago
Accurate in every way except for the no conversations about scientific and philosophical matters.... I am a multidisciplinary science major and I actually search out others who can have an intellectual, philosophical conversation. I am always interested in learning anything about anything.... helps with those people skills and is definitely food for thought....
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