INTJ strengths and weaknesses

INTJ Strengths

  • High self-confidence. INTJ personalities rarely doubt themselves or care much about their perceived social roles, expectations, etc. Consequently, they are not afraid to voice their own opinions. This exudes confidence and reinforces the INTJ’s self-esteem even further.
  • Quick and versatile mind. INTJs are very good at improving their knowledge of (often diverse) topics and fields that interest them. People with this personality type take pleasure in tackling intellectual challenges, and their natural curiosity pushes them forward as well.
  • Jacks-of-all-trades. The most important strength of any INTJ is their mind. Other personality types pride themselves on being artistic, intuitive, convincing, athletic, etc. In contrast, INTJs excel at being able to analyze anything that life throws at them, uncovering the underlying methodology and then applying it in practice. Consequently, INTJ personalities are usually able to become what they want to become—be it an IT architect or a high-flying politician.
  • Independent and decisive. People with the INTJ personality type are ruthless when it comes to analyzing the usefulness of methods or ideas. They could not care less if that idea is popular or supported by an authority figure. If the INTJ believes that it does not make sense, only overwhelming rational arguments will convince them otherwise. This strength makes them efficient and impartial decision-makers, often at a very young age. INTJs also tend to be quite resistant to conflicts, usually remaining rational and calm in an emotionally charged situation.
  • Hard-working and determined. INTJ personalities can be very patient and dedicated if something excites or intrigues them. They will work hard to achieve their goals, often ignoring everything else. That being said, INTJs may also appear lazy in situations that do not require them to flex their mental muscles. For instance, they may take risks and not study that hard at school, knowing that in all likelihood, they will be able to tackle the tests anyway.
  • Imaginative and strategic. INTJs are very good strategic thinkers, often using this strength to devise multiple contingency plans in both professional and personal situations. They like to plan ahead and be prepared, imagining all the potential scenarios and consequences.
  • Honest and direct. People with this personality type hate playing social games and putting comfort or social expectations above honesty and facts. INTJs tend to see these activities as pointless and irrational, preferring inconvenient truth over a comforting lie.
  • Open-minded. INTJ personalities do not mind being proven wrong and enjoy being exposed to something they were not familiar with. They will embrace a competing theory if it makes more sense, regardless of the existing traditions or expectations. Not surprisingly, INTJs also tend to be fairly liberal in a social sense, believing that many social norms are outdated and unnecessarily restrictive.

INTJ Weaknesses

  • Arrogant. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Some less mature INTJs may overestimate the importance of their knowledge or analytical skills, seeing most other people as irrational or intellectually inferior, often making their opinion known.
  • Perfectionists. INTJ personalities loathe inefficiency and imperfection, trying very hard to iron out all the flaws and analyze all possibilities. If left unchecked, this trait can easily become a weakness, slowing down their work quite significantly and frustrating people around the INTJ.
  • Likely to over-analyze everything. INTJs tend to believe that everything can be analyzed, even things that are not necessarily rational, e.g., human relationships. They may seek logical explanations and solutions in every situation, refusing to rely on improvisation or their own emotions.
  • Judgmental. INTJs reach their conclusions very quickly and stick to them. Even though people with this personality type tend to be open-minded, they have little patience for things they consider illogical, e.g., decisions based on feelings, irrational stubbornness, emotional outbursts, etc. An INTJ is likely to believe that someone who behaves in this way is either very immature or irrational; consequently, they will have little respect for them.
  • May be insensitive. INTJ personalities often pride themselves on being brutally honest and logical. However, while their statements may be rational and completely correct, they may not take into account another person’s emotional state, background, individual circumstances, etc. Consequently, the INTJ’s directness and honesty may easily hurt other people, thus becoming a major weakness in social situations.
  • Often clueless when it comes to romantic relationships. Many INTJs are likely to have difficulties dealing with anything that does not require logical reasoning, and this weakness is especially visible in interpersonal relationships. They may overanalyze everything, get frustrated trying to understand how the other person thinks, try to use a nearly scientific approach to dating, or just give up altogether.
  • Loathe highly structured environments. INTJ personalities do not respect rules or regulations just because they are there; they need to be confident that those restrictions make sense. Consequently, INTJs strongly dislike environments that are built on blind obedience, traditions, or respect for authority. They are likely to challenge the status quo and clash with people who prefer stability and safety.

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Jul 19, 2014 12:29:46
I must add too, that not all of the adjustments I made were bad. They really helped reduce the negative traits of the female INTJ. But they are taxing for me cause they do not come to me naturally. I understand why now. And I'm going to be more careful to manage them.
Jul 19, 2014 12:24:30
Lately, I've been in a very unexpected position and things have been said to me that I really do not agree with. I figured I needed time for myself to do some personal evaluations. I wondered about my personality type and decided to do some in depth study. I stumbled upon this sight and this facts are just so amazing. I am definitely INTJ - female.

I've always wondered why people don't get things that are just so obvious to me. I overanalyse things and I try to rationalise. The information above explains so much. I realise I have adjusted my life to suit other personalities because everybody else seemed different and I just felt I must be wrong. Since everybody sees things differently. But even after doing what they did or going where they went. I come home and analyse cause I just wasn't comfortable. And now I understand why.

Thank you so much for this test and the points. I understand myself better now. No more trying to fit in cause I understand why I'm different - it's cause I'm in the minority. But a brilliant minority. Proud to be INTJ
Jul 17, 2014 15:11:06
I just spent a solid 5 minutes laughing at that XD
Jul 03, 2014 16:21:48
While the strengths and weaknesses definitely line up with my natural personality, I do find that you can address a lot of the weaknesses and become better at many of them. Particularly in the "F" realm, I think it is almost mandatory for a lot of us to explore that side of things as a lack of awareness (or desire to change) causes most of our problems. Ironically, I've worked with some pronounced INTJs (I'm middle of the road) and found them to be challenging to manage. While I respected their work and their autonomous tendencies, they tended to make a lot of work for others because of their almost stubborn refusal to self-reflect.

In my experience, a lot of INTJs seem to love the "outsider" status and that is a double-edged sword. I don't think it's a surprise that my ability to manage at work coincided with my willingness to meet other people half way as opposed to try to find ways to dictate my way to them.

With that being said, I don't think I'd trade these traits for those of another personality. I even was slightly amused in the company I was keeping according to the "famous INTJs" section.
Jul 02, 2014 01:25:44
I read through this, after taking a quiz, and found that the strengths and weaknesses describe me completely.. I knew about all of them but was never truely concious of it.