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It's lonely at the top, and being one of the rarest and most strategically capable personality types, INTJs know this all too well. INTJs form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0.8% of the population - it is often a challenge for them to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with their relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering. People with the INTJ personality type are imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy.

Nothing Can Stop the Right Attitude from Achieving Its Goal

INTJ personalityWith a natural thirst for knowledge that shows itself early in life, INTJs are often given the title of "bookworm" as children. While this may be intended as an insult by their peers, they more than likely identify with it and are even proud of it, greatly enjoying their broad and deep body of knowledge. INTJs enjoy sharing what they know as well, confident in their mastery of their chosen subjects, but owing to their Intuitive (N) and Judging (J) traits, they prefer to design and execute a brilliant plan within their field rather than share opinions on "uninteresting" distractions like gossip.

"You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant."

Harlan Ellison

A paradox to most observers, INTJs are able to live by glaring contradictions that nonetheless make perfect sense - at least from a purely rational perspective. For example, INTJs are simultaneously the most starry-eyed idealists and the bitterest of cynics, a seemingly impossible conflict. But this is because INTJ types tend to believe that with effort, intelligence and consideration, nothing is impossible, while at the same time they believe that people are too lazy, short-sighted or self-serving to actually achieve those fantastic results. Yet that cynical view of reality is unlikely to stop an interested INTJ from achieving a result they believe to be relevant.

In Matters Of Principle, Stand Like a Rock

INTJs radiate self-confidence and an aura of mystery, and their insightful observations, original ideas and formidable logic enable them to push change through with sheer willpower and force of personality. At times it will seem that INTJs are bent on deconstructing and rebuilding every idea and system they come into contact with, employing a sense of perfectionism and even morality to this work. Anyone who doesn't have the talent to keep up with INTJs' processes, or worse yet, doesn't see the point of them, is likely to immediately and permanently lose their respect.

Rules, limitations and traditions are anathema to the INTJ personality type - everything should be open to questioning and reevaluation, and if they see a way, INTJs will often act unilaterally to enact their technically superior, sometimes insensitive, and almost always unorthodox methods and ideas.

This isn't to be misunderstood as impulsiveness - INTJs will strive to remain rational no matter how attractive the end goal may be, and every idea, whether generated internally or soaked in from the outside world, must pass the ruthless and ever-present "Is this going to work?" filter. This mechanism is applied at all times, to all things and all people, and this is often where INTJ personality types run into trouble.

One Reflects More When Traveling Alone

INTJs are brilliant and confident in bodies of knowledge they have taken the time to understand, but unfortunately the social contract is unlikely to be one of those subjects. White lies and small talk are hard enough as it is for a type that craves truth and depth, but INTJs may go so far as to see many social conventions as downright stupid. Ironically, it is often best for them to remain where they are comfortable - out of the spotlight - where the natural confidence prevalent in INTJs as they work with the familiar can serve as its own beacon, attracting people, romantically or otherwise, of similar temperament and interests.

INTJs are defined by their tendency to move through life as though it were a giant chess board, pieces constantly shifting with consideration and intelligence, always assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, constantly outmaneuvering their peers in order to maintain control of a situation while maximizing their freedom to move about. This isn't meant to suggest that INTJs act without conscience, but to many Feeling (F) types, INTJs' distaste for acting on emotion can make it seem that way, and it explains why many fictional villains (and misunderstood heroes) are modeled on this personality type.

Famous INTJs:

Vladimir Putin
Paul Krugman
Rudy Giuliani
Donald Rumsfeld
Colin Powell
Samantha Power
Lance Armstrong
Richard Gere
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Thomas Jefferson
John F. Kennedy
Woodrow Wilson
Augustus Caesar

Fictional INTJs:

"Walter White" ("Heisenberg") from Breaking Bad
"Gandalf the Grey" from The Lord of the Rings
"Katniss Everdeen" from The Hunger Games
"Hannibal" and "Clarice Starling" from Silence of the Lambs
"Professor Moriarty," Sherlock Holmes' enemy
"Gregory House" from House M.D.
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Sep 19, 2014 18:30:18
So I noticed Anonymous INTJ's comment and yes I agree there is no perfect stereotype you can tie yourself too, however there is a basis on what you are like, that does not mean you are exactly like what this says, just closest to it then anything else. The point of this test is too figure out where you would be, what you are basically like, and how to improve your faults. That's how I am taking it at least. I am sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my intention.
Anonymous INTJ
Sep 19, 2014 03:00:03
According to personality tests, I am an "INTJ."
This is true, but not compeletely.
You see, I don't fit into this box. It's not even a box. It's a point on a continuum. I may be closest this point,
but it does not define me.
Yes, I need alone time. Turns out, I also desperately need friends. My introversion is no excuse to shut out people from
my life. When I tried to survive on my own, I damaged my emotions (turns out I have them). I pushed those away who
would have been kind to me. It has taken years to fix some of the people I damaged, and just as long to fix myself.
Yes, I tend to think intuitively. It's not some special skill. It means my mind dwells in an abstract world of visual
thinking, floating above the more sensible, grounded methods. Sometimes I beats them, and sometimes I realize that
I would have saved time and effort had I followed the formula.
Yes, I process information more with logic than emotions. But I learned the hard way that logic is not superior, nor
is logical thinking any excuse for arrogance. There is a place for logic and a place for emotions. And I have feelings.
I have sobbed until I felt sick. I have been unreasonably happy. Really, it's not a bad way to live.
Yes, I am a "judger": I think in terms of schedules, plans, and end goals. But sometimes I envy the laid-back
personality of those who have learned to take life as it comes. I may have a grasp on the future, but somehow, a
certain lack of plannning can give a perspective which seems to help one grasp each moment.
I occasionly read quotes about INTJs and by INTJs. This unusual category of personalities, one might assume, would be
scattered with unique individuals who share a few common quirks, familiar thought processes, and outside-the-box problem-
solving methods. But there would, of course, be differences.
Quieter INTJs and more outgoing INTJs. Math-oriented INTJs and spacially-gifted INTJs. INTJs who were good at chess and
INTJs who preferred a good game of tennis. INTJs who had galaxy-sized goals and those who were content to quietly
pursue personal interests.

To read the quotes, I would think there was only one INTJ in the universe. Let me introduce you.

He hates being with people, and he loathes small talk.
He looks down upon the human race.
He has no regard for personal feelings.
He has no interest in others except to dominate them.
He glories when he triumphs in an argument-which is, of course, every time.
He is undeniably brilliant.
He uses his brilliance only for his personal benefit.
He is concerned with only one thing: his own genius mind and thoughts.

For a while, I was convinced with the superiority of this human being. "Test results: You are an INTJ!" So of course,
I should aspire to be like the person previously described. At first, it seemed so attractive. Many of the quotes were
silver agaisnt a dark background. They were accompanied by pictures of attractive people with deadly stares. Each one,
beneath their one-line quips and cuttingly arrogant statements, spoke the same message: We are the smartest. We are the
best. We do not need others.
As I tried more and more to shape myself into this INTJ, I found only exaustion, social difficulty, and self-doubt. Of
course, INTJs are never tired; they do not care about society; and they never, ever, EVER doubt themselves.
But I did.
And finally, I came to realize the truth. I am not him. I am not that INTJ. By someone's standards, my personality may
have the same letters attached. But you know what? If in trying to be that person, I encounter the hardest year of
my life and nearly ruin friendships, I'm glad I'm not.
There's only one Me in the universe. Let me introduce you.

I sometimes need to be alone, but I need people more. If society says I should engage in small talk with my friends, it's
more than worth it. I've even started to enjoy it.
I am part of the human race. While my pride makes me feel superior at times, I have come to realize that humility is
undoubtedly the superior trait.
I have feelings. Everyone has feelings. And if one of my friends is having a hard day, I won't feel right either until
they're better.
I do not wish to dominate others. It's nice to be in charge, but history has shown that those in a position of power
with dominant, unfeeling personalities lose their authority. I desire to lead as I would desire to be led.
Relationships are more important than being right. It's extremely difficult, but I recognize the value in swallowing
my pride to save feelings. And if I must sound caustic and prideful to make a point, it is not worth making. A high
opinion of self impresses nobody.
I am smart in some subjects and hopeless at others. (Note: everyone-EVERYONE-is hopelessly stupid in at at least one
When I use my intelligence to aid people who need help, instead of lording it over them, they are willing to return
the favor when I need help with an area in which they are gifted.
I used to be concerned only with my own little world. But it's exactly that: a (very) little world. My way of thinking
is not inherently better than others. This world needs a variety of perspectives to contribute to finding solutions.
But when I am open to the thoughts and viewpoints of others (and they are open to mine), I see a full spectrum of
thoughts; I hear the whole keyboard instead of plinking my own key over and over. There is certainly a place for
work and brainstorming on one's own, and I tend to prefer it that way. But you get the right group of people together,
and ideas collide much faster than a single person can think.

So yes, I am technically an "INTJ." But I'm not like any INTJ you've ever met. I hope very, very much that I am
not like The One INTJ. Because I'm not him at all, and no one says I have to be.
Throw away the letters. Forget the quotes. I'm not some superior dictator. I'm not a brilliant, snobbish scientist.
I'm me.
And in the whole of this unfathomably enormous, beautiful universe...among the billions of galaxies and trillions of stars...






Sep 19, 2014 01:44:40
Yep I guess I can accept this. This is the second personality I've taken and both gave me INTJ. Guess some reassurance of why I only stick to what I know is pretty cool. Good to see the other 2% in here
Sep 19, 2014 01:29:36
wow from reading this I know I am 100% INTJ its almost like they wrote down a perfect description of me
Sep 18, 2014 12:06:12
I totally agree with the "weakness" part.... It hits me too hard-_- i do hope i could be better than what they described about intj person in here