INTJ careers

Professional competence is often the area in which INTJs shine most brilliantly. Their capacity for digesting difficult and complex theories and principles and converting them into clear and actionable ideas and strategies is unmatched by any other type. INTJs are able to filter out the noise of a situation, identifying the core thread that needs to be pulled in order to unravel others' messes so that they can be rewoven into something at once beautifully intricate and stunningly simple in its function.

The real challenge for INTJs is that in order for their innovative (and to less insightful individuals, seemingly counter-intuitive) ideas to be heard, they need to have a friendly ear to bend, and developing an amiable rapport with authority figures is not exactly in INTJs' list of core strengths. In their early careers, INTJs will often have to suffer through menial tasks and repeated rejections as they develop their abilities into a skillset that speaks for itself.

INTJs will often find ways to automate routine and mind-numbing tasks, and as they progress, their natural confidence, dedication, and creative intelligence will open the doors to the increased complexity and freedom they crave.

Where's My Drawing Board?

INTJs tend to prefer to work alone, or at most in small groups, where they can maximize their creativity and focus without repeated interruptions from questioning colleagues and meetings-happy supervisors. For this reason INTJs are unlikely to be found in strictly administrative roles or anything that requires constant dialogue and heavy teamwork. Rather, INTJs prefer more "lone wolf" positions as mechanical or software engineers, lawyers or freelance consultants, only accepting competent leadership that helps in these goals, and rejecting the authority of those who hold them back.

Their independent attitude and tireless demand for competence mean that INTJs absolutely loathe those who get ahead by seemingly less meritocratic means like social prowess and political connections. INTJs have exceptionally high standards, and if they view a colleague or supervisor as incompetent or ineffective, respect will be lost instantly and permanently. INTJs value personal initiative, determination, insight and dedication, and believe that everyone should complete their work to the highest possible standards – if a schmoozing shill breezes through without carrying their own weight, they may find INTJs' inventiveness and determination used in a whole new capacity as the winds turn against them.

Timid Men Prefer the Calm

As their careers progress further and their reputation grows, so will the complexity of INTJs' tasks and projects. INTJs demand progress and evolution, new challenges and theories, and they often accomplish this by pushing into more active strategic positions. While they don't care for the spotlight, INTJs do enjoy controlling their ideas, and will often expand into low-profile but influential roles as project managers, system engineers, marketing strategists, systems analysts, and military strategists.

But really, INTJs' vision, creativity, and competence in executing their plans make them viable in just about any career that requires them to think about what they're doing. While some careers, such as low-level sales and human resources, clearly do not play to their strengths, INTJs are able to build a niche into just about any institution, including their own, that they put their minds to.

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Your name:
Sep 10, 2014 12:04:03
INTJ in my last year of law school
Sep 09, 2014 14:41:19
INTJ aspiring to be a video game voice actress XD
Aug 30, 2014 03:35:40
INTJ as a housewife. Perfect because I don't have to deal with people and I have all the time I need to read and learn and pursue my hobbies. I also love cooking and we are minimalists so there is not much to clean.

I wanted to be a scientist when I was younger. I couldn't decide on a field since I see all of science as one huge continuum and I wanted to study and learn and work on any and all areas that struck my fancy. Unfortunately I do not do well in a classroom environment and even though, after I took a few years off from school after the nightmare that was highschool, I was excited to go to college and begin my life long career of learning and discovery, I was reminded why I hated school so much. The politics. The PEOPLE!! And looking forward into the life of an actual, real world scientist, and not just the fantasy of being a scientist, I found that it is one looong political struggle after another. Not exactly the life for me. I am happy to learn what I can as a layman, and am so fortunate to have a fellow INTJ as a husband who has a job that lets him work from home and that can support us!!!

I cannot beleive how well things have worked out for me. If I had to get up everyday and face the world of fake, manipulative, dishonest, shallow, people everyday, and live by someone else's rigid schedule, I may not have survived this long. I would have probably landed in a deep depression and who knows what can happen to a person when that happens.

Freedom. Yes.
Aug 25, 2014 12:53:41
INTJ studying to be a medical physicist.
Aug 23, 2014 12:28:15
I'm an intj who teaches nutrition classes. My job is very independent, as I also need to find agencies and schools that I can teach at that meet my grant guidelines. I am by nature an introvert, but through the years have learned how to turn it, "on" when I need to. I've found it extremely beneficial to be able to flip back and forth as needed and I love my independence! I was previously an RN, and I could not handle the teenaged female cattiness so common in nursing culture, I felt that I was often the receiver of a lot of that cattiness. Now I have my own office and no other fellow staff, other than a supervisor in a different location of the building and a regional supervisor who trusts me enough to leave me alone, unless I need it. Perfect situation for me. I'm not looking for socialization at work, I'm very goal driven, a perfectionist and good at my job, I just don't want to deal with a lot of the drama that can come along with a large staff or team and yes, I agree with intj having very high standards. I've been a supervisor in the past and one of the most frustrating aspects was seeing that others had much lower standards and if I tried to make them more responsible for meeting higher standards, I was often met with resistance. I can't stand slackers.