ESFP strengths and weaknesses

ESFP strengths

  • Bold. ESFPs want to experience things, to try everything there is to try. They do not mind going outside their comfort zone or exploring something that others are reluctant to do.
  • Original. ESFP personalities like to experiment and enjoy standing out in the crowd. They do not really care about traditions or what other people expect them to do.
  • Excellent people skills. ESFPs tend to be very witty and talkative—they would never run out of things to discuss. They also strongly dislike being alone and enjoy communicating with other people whenever possible.
  • Great sense of aesthetics and beauty. ESFPs are very artistic, especially when it comes to entertaining other people; this personality type is unmatched in this area.
  • Practical. ESFPs are interested only in practical matters. They dislike theoretical or philosophical discussions, seeing them as a waste of their time.
  • Very observant. ESFP personalities live in the present moment and focus exclusively on what is happening “here and now.” They find it easy to notice real, tangible things and changes.

ESFP weaknesses

  • Find it difficult to focus. ESFPs get bored very quickly and want to stay entertained and excited for as long as possible, regardless of the situation. Not surprisingly, they are likely to find it difficult to deal with tasks that require patience, focus, and dedication.
  • Very sensitive. People with this personality type are extremely expressive and emotional, making no efforts to conceal their feelings. They are likely to react very emotionally in the face of criticism or if they are pushed into a corner and are unable to make a decision.
  • Poor planners. ESFPs rarely think about the future and are more concerned about the present moment, refusing to worry about the next steps or potential consequences.
  • Always seek excitement. ESFPs take risks and are often self-indulgent, putting the pleasures of the present above stability or long-term plans.
  • Have difficulties in the academic environment. ESFPs see school as a waste of time. They are far more interested in creative, practical things as well as socializing. People with this personality type are likely to find it difficult to stick to schedules and put in enough effort to succeed in the academic environment.
  • Loathe conflicts. ESFP personalities do everything they can to ignore potential conflicts, often pretending to be interested or concerned, but then going on to do something they see as fun.

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27 Responses to “ESFP strengths and weaknesses”

  1. rose Reply

    I am 62 and have had other personality test done but this one hit the spot. It was really accurate although I’m not sure what I can do with it at my age can I improve any of the weaknesses. I’m pretty set in my way but I’ll keep on reading and see what I find, I will try the in depth to see what that shows me. You have a great site here keep up the good work. I’m sure it has help many individuals.

  2. Jaina Reply

    I found most parts of this description pretty accurate, especially the one about school. I’m still in seventh grade, so I’ve got a while left. :*( I also totally agree with the sensitive part.

  3. Megan Reply

    I took the test and I got the ESFP result and I get A’s most of the time at school, but this says they have difficulties in the academic environment. That part doesn’t make sense but the rest of it does.

  4. IK Reply

    Most parts are unbelievably sport on except forthe academics part. I have a PhD in Chemistry and I work in the education arena promoting education. I am passionate about doing research. I plan well but not passionate about writing my pans down. I meet all my deadlines and work well under pressure.