ENTJ strengths and weaknesses

ENTJ strengths

  • High self-confidence. ENTJ personalities trust in their abilities and do not hesitate to express their opinions. They are confident being the center of attention.
  • Strategic thinkers. ENTJs have no difficulties making long-term plans and approaching problems from several different angles.
  • Energetic. People with this personality enjoy leading people and putting plans into action. This energizes and motivates them.
  • Charismatic and inspiring. ENTJs find it easy to convince and inspire other people, mostly because of their high self-esteem and strong opinions.
  • Very efficient. ENTJ personalities loathe inefficiency, irrationality, and laziness; they seek to root out such behavior wherever they go.
  • Strong-willed. ENTJs tend to be very determined individuals who rarely give up and abandon their vision, regardless of the opposition.

ENTJ weaknesses

  • Stubborn and dominant. ENTJs can be quite inflexible and seek to win all debates and arguments, doing their best to promote their visions and ideas.
  • Arrogant. People with this personality type are usually able to accumulate a lot of knowledge and make well-informed decisions. However, they may also look down on people who are less competent or unwilling to argue their points.
  • May be cold and ruthless. ENTJs are obsessed with efficiency and rationality when it comes to work and professional goals. They will often ignore personal circumstances and dismiss sensitivities and emotions as irrelevant.
  • Poor handling of emotions. ENTJs are very rational. Not surprisingly, they are likely to have difficulties understanding and expressing their feelings. They may also inadvertently hurt their partners and friends in emotionally charged situations.
  • Impatient. ENTJ personalities are quick thinkers and may lose patience very quickly when dealing with people who need more time to make a decision.
  • Intolerant. People with this personality type see little value in ideas based on emotional arguments or that address issues they do not consider important—and an ENTJ will not hesitate to make that clear to those around them.

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14 Responses to “ENTJ strengths and weaknesses”

  1. Bryce Reply

    This is scarily accurate; however, it should be noted that our impatience (at least mine) only comes about in certain scenarios where I can get irritated at chaos; whereas if I’m tutoring a peer on a subject, I have a lot of patience with them because I can rationally understand their struggles with a subject and I enjoy leading them through the situation.