ENTJ careers

It is in the world of careers that ENTJs' boldness and drive are truly at their best. No other personality type is better suited than ENTJs to be the respected leader of an organization or team, and no other personality type enjoys it quite so much. Combining their vision, intelligence and determination to push ideas through to completion no matter the obstacles, ENTJs are a force to be reckoned with.

We All Go Up, Or We All Go Down

In the world of business, the sometimes overbearing level of self-confidence that ENTJs (especially Assertive ones) too often mishandle in their personal relationships is transformed into an admirable authority, keeping people on track and getting things done. Naturally the best careers for people with the ENTJ personality type make the fullest use of these qualities, and many would describe executive positions and entrepreneurialism to be ideal lines of work - any position high enough that they can clearly see the horizon.

For ENTJs, failure is not an option - they conceive a vision of the future, formulate a strategy to achieve that vision, and execute each step with ruthless precision.

Structure and order are key, and if someone gets sloppy, or holds things back with incompetence, laziness or inefficiency, ENTJs will not hesitate to come down, hard. ENTJ personalities pursue their goals with singular vision, and have strict standards for themselves and others that are designed above all else to be effective. This makes ENTJs excellent corporate strategists, and their objectivity and clarity of thought make them respected lawyers and judges.

None of this could work if no one could understand what ENTJs were thinking, and they have the good fortune of being clear and concise communicators, especially in person, making business administration a comfortable fit - so long as their tasks don't stray too far into routine maintenance and upkeep. ENTJs also have a thirst for knowledge, and they aren't afraid to use a principle once they've grasped its underlying mechanisms. Combining this with their leadership makes ENTJs trying, but effective, university professors.

We Are Still In The Making

The only problem is, it takes time for ENTJs' skills to be recognized, and stagnating as low-level employees will have them bouncing off the walls and deeply unhappy. People with the ENTJ personality type crave leadership and responsibility, growth and opportunity, and genuinely enjoy managing others to get a job done. ENTJs are visionaries and leaders, not grunts or day-to-day administrators. Getting that to be recognized is not always easy, but ENTJs are probably up to the task.

Workplace Habits


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Nov 13, 2014 16:27:35
For people like me, I got 2 prez's, and Jim Carrey. {:^)
Oct 10, 2014 10:40:02
I'm an ENTJ, too. Although I'm not too big a risk taker I work well with other personality types that like to develop new ideas. The "N" in ENTJ stands for "intuition", the only problem is whether ENTJs follow that "N" or whether the "thinking" "T" takes over. If an ENTJ achieves to balance his preferencies and manages to really engage with others he can suceed. He/she should never forget to stress/to focus on positive aspects others have and try to "read and understand other types"
Extroverted and analytical with intuitive perception.

I find they love being in charge and get inpatient quickly with people who don't mirror them.
Oct 06, 2014 07:30:42
I am an ENTJ and can see myself doing something where I run a business but I'm scared it won't work out!
Sep 17, 2014 20:20:14
I think that ENTJs are often seen as a model for other people in society, for them or others, it seems like they are just a regular average person.
Sep 06, 2014 09:20:35
Unfortunately ENTJ's are over represented in corporate America. They are not risk takers and don't work well with personality types that like to brainstorm and develop new creative non-traditional ideas to solve a problem. I find they love being in charge and get inpatient quickly with people who don't mirror them.
Sep 20, 2014 05:14:38
Hmm, I do not agree at all. I am an ENTJ (have taken 3 different tests with the same result each time) and I love to brainstorm and hear other people's ideas. Are you sure the leaders you speak of are actually this type? The "T" part would welcome ideas and discussion. Also I do not seek to manage others, but I have before and I have always listened to their ideas and appreciate that they have different opinions (also I'm a mom!). I have seen managers as you describe but I wouldn't put them into the ENTJ category. Also regarding risk taking - I think that a risk with potential catastrophic repercussions is not a good move. But a risk with reason to back it up can be a good move. Just gotta be smart about it. Anyway just my two cents :)
Sep 20, 2014 07:35:39
I disagree. The personalities that prefer tradition/routine instead of change are the Observant types eg majority of office administrators and accountants. Imo these types probably make up the majority of corporate America. CEOs, entrepreanurs and upper management (the stereotypical ENTJ) are not the majority and therefore do not over-represent the corporate world...plus I assume that entreprenurial types (which are also included in ENTJ and ENTP) usually drop out of corporate America because of the routine and bureaucracy and would rather deal with strategy and risk taking

so based on your description it is highly likely that you were dealing with ESTJ not ENTJ.
Sep 25, 2014 10:49:04
Entj who have developed their eq and soft skills will are patient and embrace what you have pointed out as a weakness. Your observation is accurate but their growth will lead to a leader and a person who inspires others to make a difference. Why because they learn or dicover compassion this changes their whole world for the better. This ENTJ will hope others see and feel the same for themselves. ENTJ will do well to develop their empathy and spiratuality. Meditation in some form will be life saving and visualization will create so much for the better. ;-)