ENTJ careers

Typical ENTJ careers are defined by several traits that anyone interacting with an ENTJ can easily notice: drive, determination and leadership. These traits tend to push ENTJs toward a certain set of careers and somewhat limit their choices; however, people with this personality type are unlikely to complain about that. We will discuss some of their potential roles below, and hopefully, this will help some ENTJs with their job search. As usual, please feel free to leave a comment. We will do our best to include your suggestions in our articles.

First, ENTJ personalities love turning their ideas into plans, and this is one of their most important traits as far as typical ENTJ careers are concerned. They focus on the future and possess a level of self-confidence rarely seen among other personality types. These traits make ENTJs excellent executives, entrepreneurs, and corporate strategists. They will have enough drive and determination to push a certain idea forward, even if there are many obstacles in their path. It is no surprise that the aforementioned careers are seen as ideal by many ENTJs.

Second, people with this personality type tend to have excellent leadership skills and an inborn love for knowledge. They loathe incompetence, laziness, and inefficiency. This makes ENTJs very strict and demanding, but also extremely effective and objective managers. There are many careers where such traits are crucial and held in high esteem; for instance, ENTJs tend to be good lawyers, judges, business administrators, or university professors. There are other potential career paths where ENTJs tend to excel, but these examples are quite relevant and telling.

Finally, ENTJs are excellent communicators (especially verbally), enjoy structure and order, but strongly dislike routine tasks. Once again, this means that ENTJs are more suited to be visionaries and leaders rather than day-to-day administrators. Typical ENTJ careers always involve at least some degree of leadership. It is quite unlikely that an ENTJ will remain happy as a low-level employee for long. They truly enjoy being in a managing position, and some of their traits come to light only if they have enough power to utilize them.

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