INTJ Personality – Conclusion

Armed with a powerful intellect and strategic thinking, INTJs can overcome or outmaneuver obstacles that seem unbeatable to most. At the same time, their many quirks, such as often unconstrained rationalism, lead to many misunderstandings. Those misunderstandings end here. What you have read so far is just an introduction – we have a great deal more to tell you about the INTJ personality type.

At some point in reading through your results, you probably hit a tipping point. You went from trademark INTJ skepticism to “huh...” to “wait, what?” You may even be a little uncomfortable because you are really not used to being understood, even by the people you’re closest to.

Chances are, you’ve accepted that as part of who you are, and maybe even grown proud of it. But embracing that disconnection isn’t a requirement for INTJs. It’s a misused defense mechanism, leading you down a lonely, inefficient path – gaining insight into yourself and others is so much more rewarding.

Architect (INTJ) personality

This is no date-of-birth gimmick, and no, we did not spy on you – rather, we’ve spent years studying INTJs’ life stories, experiences, and patterns in hundreds of our surveys. Step by step, insight by insight, we discovered how those who share your qualities and outlook have overcome the challenges they’ve faced. You are a unique individual, but you are not alone in this. It’s wise to learn from others’ experiences – and we’d really like to share those insights with you.

As you move forward into the e-books and interactive courses we offer, we go much deeper into the INTJ mind. We answer not just “what”, but “why?”, “how?” and “what if?” Why do you act the way you do? How do you find motivation and inspiration? What if you moved beyond fear to pursue what you secretly want to achieve in life?

We can show you how to use your strengths to unlock your exceptional potential and avoid common pitfalls, while also staying true to who you are – after all, that’s the point. To see how you can grow to be the person you know you’re capable of being, in ways that finally feel right – read on.

1 year ago
What I really don't like is when other people encourage me to socialize. Even my supposedly introverted mom is always trying to get me to talk to people and do things with others. That's not me!
10 months ago
She just wants the best for you. You do need *some* social contact, don't be a complete shut off, who'd appreciate your great ideas then?
10 months ago
Fare but I'd prefer to pick and choose my own friends and/or social situations, but yes, you're right.
4 months ago
That's what I thought as well. I'd rather choose my own social circle, too.
1 year ago
Throughly impressed by how ridiculously accurate this was
1 year ago
Can they really expect me to believe that they HAVEN'T been spying on me?
6 months ago
It's the same information for everyone, not a personal profile.
1 year ago
Interesting. Especially the part about romantic relationships is correct. I've yet to meet a single person for whom I've had affectionate feelings - they all have seemed like broken machines to me.
1 year ago
Maybe that's our problem, we tend to see people as machines because of the machine-like way we function.
1 year ago
I need to have a system for everything and establish rules for myself which I will not break.
8 months ago
same here. i have only 1-2 female friends. i'm extremely picky about choosing females as friends because i feel, not everyone, but most of them around me are dumb and not worth my time. one half of my mind says she's beautiful approach her, but other half says don't even try. she is stupid. and i get so confused
6 months ago
Same here, and it seems that most females are just too emotional.
4 months ago
Same here. I find it also hard to understand human nature. Up to this day, I still struggle to socialize with others lol
3 months ago
Still I find that sometimes looking in the quieter places is better. Most people worth talking to can be found on the sidelines and the quirkerier the better. Often people like those will have the same aqwardness in social situations as you making it easier to get along.
2 years ago
I feel like this is very accurate
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