Career Paths

Executives’ career paths are often as clear and straightforward as they are themselves. Though there are many directions they can choose to go, people with the Executive personality type almost always end up in situations where they have the opportunity to exercise their affinity for organization, structure, and follow-through. Providing further focus, Executives share a profound respect for tradition, stability and security, qualities which lend themselves well to progressing along clear paths to increased responsibility and dependability.

Executive (ESTJ) careers

Executives’ sense of loyalty results in them staying with a single employer as long as possible, and their reverence for established institutions often leads to work with well-respected organizations. Law enforcement, military service, hospitals and prominent legal firms are all able to recognize Executives’ long years of service.

Executive personalities rise to the occasion and meet their obligations with enviable consistency, making them clear choices for advancement.

Executives are the image of the model citizen, and they strive to maintain this ideal throughout their careers. This helps them move forward into management as well – people with this personality type have many traits inherent to leadership, something that is often recognized regardless of their chosen industry. From the genuine enjoyment Executives feel in organizing other people to their knack for clearly expressing their principles, values and expectations, Executives are extremely effective managers.

Also fearsome leaders, Executives loathe disorganization, ineptitude, laziness and especially dishonesty, and when these values are crossed, Executive personalities do not hesitate to let their disapproval show. So long as everyone plays by the rules, Executives are incredibly efficient, their love of structure and thoroughness leaving a record of accurate, complete work that is on time and on budget. Executives are natural auditors, financial officers and business administrators, and any such and similar roles are excellent choices for them.

The Value of Hard Work

Hard work and self-motivation are also strong Executive principles, which makes them excellent sales representatives, whether in basic retail positions, part of office teams, or as independent agents. People with the Executive personality type stick to projects until they’re finished, big or small, and are organized enough to make any necessary paperwork a mere minor inconvenience to their clients, rather than some baffling ordeal. These qualities combine to make the clear steps in advancement that Executives require in order to maintain a sense of accomplishment not just viable, but almost inevitable.