ENFP in the Workplace

There are two basic things that ENFPs seek most in the workplace: The chance to explore new ideas, and the chance to conduct that exploration alongside other people who share their excitement. These qualities show through at all levels of hierarchy, though much like other Diplomat personality types, ENFPs would prefer that there be hardly a hierarchy at all. People with the ENFP personality type possess warmth, creativity, and an open-mindedness that makes them excellent listeners. If these qualities are recognized by their employers, they will always be able to count on their ENFP employees to innovate and boost morale.

ENFP workplace habits

ENFP Subordinates

ENFPs are growth-oriented, and as subordinates they’ll impress their managers with their creativity and adaptability. People with the ENFP personality type are excellent listeners, able to analyze and understand others’ perspectives effortlessly. It’s perhaps this quality that most makes ENFPs intolerant of micromanagement – the way they see it, they understand what’s been asked of them, and all they require is the freedom to accomplish their task. If this need isn’t met, managers may find a quickly stressed ENFP subordinate.

To a certain extent though, some direct management is often necessary, as ENFPs are notorious for letting their attention slip from one project to the next before they’ve dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s. ENFPs love exploring new ideas and learning new things, and once something becomes familiar, its allure starts to fade. But, if managers are able to maintain a spirit of guidance and camaraderie instead of "bossiness", they will find loyal and devoted contributors in their ENFP subordinates.

ENFP Colleagues

ENFPs are people-people, and as far as the workplace is concerned, this quality shows through best among colleagues. More than just coworkers, ENFPs view their colleagues as friends, people who they take a genuine interest in, providing support and cheer when they’re down or stressed. People with the ENFP personality type are warm and optimistic, always searching for and usually finding win-win situations for everyone.

Brainstorms among equals are ENFPs’ forte, and they listen to different viewpoints and suggestions not just with tolerance, but genuine excitement. Their ability to relax and have fun will always make them popular around the water cooler, but what sets ENFPs apart is that they can transition that popularity into natural leadership, instinctively picking up on colleagues’ motivations and pulling their teams together, pushing them forward towards whatever truth they’ve been tasked to find.

ENFP Managers

ENFPs are not great fans of heavy hierarchy and bureaucracy, and this is most evident when they take on the role of manager. As managers, ENFP personalities behave much like they do as colleagues – they establish real friendships, and use their broad popularity to inspire and motivate, taking on the role of leader, working alongside their subordinates, rather than shouting from behind their desks. ENFPs will tend to believe in the concept of intrinsic motivation, the idea that things are worth doing for their own sake, not because of some convoluted system of punishments and rewards.

Unfortunately, not everyone buys into this philosophy – challenges arise when faced with subordinates who actually prefer to be closely directed, with clearly defined objectives and timetables, people who are just doing their jobs. More challenging still are those rare moments when a reprimand is simply necessary – while ENFPs prefer to meet dissent with an open ear, and to use their excellent capacity for sensing mood and morale to preempt such an act to begin with, sometimes the carrot and the stick are necessary, and using them is the biggest challenge for the ENFP personality type. But ENFPs’ capacity for adjusting their communication to most any style will always shine through, helping to smooth things over and adapt to the needs of their team.

4 years ago
This is incredibly true I can relate to almost all of it !!
4 years ago
Fantastic! I was reading each description thinking "can I please just have every one of my friends read this! " Haha, whoever developed this, thank you, thank you. Not that I didn't understand myself before, but this is just validat ion for what I already thought :)
4 years ago
Thanks for the test I like to join special forces, but the hierarchy and regimentation thing really hold me back. so I don't... but anyway, if I get to live the way I want, it'd be the way this test is describing.-on the loose and free at will- anyway, I hate regulations and break them anywhere possible. I like taking some creepy risks. and do so... and I do take more than I can handle all the time everywhere at anything, and I mostly succeed, but at the price of dropping some goals and pursuing one individual goal.
4 years ago
I have been interested in becoming a school psychologist but got my degree in political science. I am Turkish and back home psychologists usually deal with mentally ill patients in hospitals therefore you are really seen as a doctor for the "crazy"..Yah so much for labeling...( which I hate).One of the popular career fields is considered to be Public Relations, international relations/ poli sci, engineering, medicine etc etc...My mother had drilled the idea of pursuing a real job ( whatever that means?) to me before I had realized that I was interested in psychology during my second year in university. I've always loved being able to sing and dance and be part of musicals when I was younger..Hence I wanted to get my degree in Fine Arts but listened to my mom instead of my intuition...To this day I am still regretting not going after my dream and because I am a sad, depressed , confused person. I was in Asia teaching ESL for four years and was hoping to save and go back to pursue my degree in psychology but met my husband in Korea who was on a one year tour and after dating several months he had extended his assignment and we spent three years together in Seoul..We got married and moved to Germany and of course all my plans of going back to school got postponed..I worked at whatever jobs I could find..After our time in Germany we moved back to States to WA and I am hating it even more...I cant wait till he retires in couple of months so we'llget settled in our new civilian life and live closer to the city where I have much better finding the jobs I want and go to school part time.It is really important to do the job you like.It can affect your relationship with your partner,family and others around you. I am hopeful that the right time is closer or me to make decisions for myself
4 years ago
Perfect analysis.
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