ENFP Friends

As friends, ENFPs are cheerful and supportive, always sharing and developing ideas, and staying open-minded, taking in others’ thoughts and feelings. This warmth and sincerity makes people with the ENFP personality type masters of drawing people out of their shells, and as a result they tend to have a huge circle of friends.

As with other relationships, ENFPs view their friendships as opportunities to experience another angle of the universe, and tend to imbue potential friendships with that weighty and idealistic quality.

An Exciting Adventure

More outgoing types will naturally gravitate towards them, but ENFPs will also go to great lengths and be surprisingly persistent in their efforts to get to know more reserved personalities. Their ability to tune into others and speak their language with that characteristic infectious enthusiasm helps them in this endeavor, and the allure of mystery that reserved types, especially Introverted Intuitives, bring to the table will keep ENFPs intrigued for years. These personality types may never be able to reciprocate the breadth of human interest that ENFPs present, but they do appreciate ENFPs’ efforts.

But ENFPs’ interest in others can be a double-edged sword – this pure idealism comes with certain expectations, and too often ENFPs hold their friends in an unrealistic light, expecting them to keep up with the constant flow of ideas and experiences that they consider integral to life. ENFPs put their whole hearts into their friendships, and it can come as a shock for them to find that their friends aren’t the flawless Titans that they believed them to be. Whether it’s simple social fatigue or a focus on the physical and the practical instead of the mystical, people with the ENFP personality type can find themselves disappointed by what they see as a lack of substance beneath the surface.

ENFP friends

ENFPs tend to get deeply involved in others’ lives, going to great lengths and efforts to be the selfless, caring and supportive people they are, and all the while forget to take care of themselves. Both in terms of basic needs like financial stability and rest, as well as more emotional needs like mutual understanding and reciprocation, ENFP personalities tend to give much more of themselves than most are even capable of giving back. This sort of imbalance isn’t sustainable, as (seemingly) one-sided generosity often leads to criticism and resentment on both sides.

Making Life Spectacular

Luckily, ENFPs are open-minded and sincere enough in their friendships, and connect with and understand even their acquaintances well enough, that they recognize that not everyone expresses themselves in the same ways, and that that’s okay. Their sensitivity may make it too challenging to play with more critical and argumentative personalities, such as strongly expressed Thinking (T) and Judging (J) types, but they do appreciate, even cherish, the company of most anyone who appreciates theirs, and the adventures and experiences they have together are the stuff a good life is made of.

1 month ago
I have been alone in my head for years - completely the wrong job for decades doing the right thing - but dreams never go away
3 months ago
This is the best personality test I have taken. This is spot on to how I act and I cant believe there are so many people that are getting the same reaction. This is insanely accurate and it is amazing that others act and think the same way as I .
10 months ago
This entire thing.. it represents me perfectly. I have never had such an accurate description of myself. Right now I'm going through some friend drama, and I thought of this site (took this test two weeks ago?) so I came to reread the friend category of my personality, ENFP. The part where there is so much input into a friendship, and yet again it doesn't get reciprocated, I've been very depressed over this and so I'm really glad that finally I can get an answer to my problems. This entire personality type is so me. I've gotten others to take this test, and some haven't gotten quite the accurate answers, but this entire thing suits me perfectly and so kudos to this site. I will definitely be applying all I've learned from here into my everyday life to understand both myself, and how others react to my ways.
10 months ago
Woah.. amazingly accurate!!!
11 months ago
I'm ENFP-A and I find this very scarily accurate how I make friends, rely on creativity, etc. I do things that sometime don't push me into the spotlight. I could go on and on about the accurate things said and I just find this very creepily accurate
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