ENFP Friends

As friends, ENFPs are cheerful and supportive, always sharing and developing ideas, and staying open-minded, taking in others’ thoughts and feelings. This warmth and sincerity makes people with the ENFP personality type masters of drawing people out of their shells, and as a result they tend to have a huge circle of friends.

As with other relationships, ENFPs view their friendships as opportunities to experience another angle of the universe, and tend to imbue potential friendships with that weighty and idealistic quality.

An Exciting Adventure

More outgoing types will naturally gravitate towards them, but ENFPs will also go to great lengths and be surprisingly persistent in their efforts to get to know more reserved personalities. Their ability to tune into others and speak their language with that characteristic infectious enthusiasm helps them in this endeavor, and the allure of mystery that reserved types, especially Introverted Intuitives, bring to the table will keep ENFPs intrigued for years. These personality types may never be able to reciprocate the breadth of human interest that ENFPs present, but they do appreciate ENFPs’ efforts.

But ENFPs’ interest in others can be a double-edged sword – this pure idealism comes with certain expectations, and too often ENFPs hold their friends in an unrealistic light, expecting them to keep up with the constant flow of ideas and experiences that they consider integral to life. ENFPs put their whole hearts into their friendships, and it can come as a shock for them to find that their friends aren’t the flawless Titans that they believed them to be. Whether it’s simple social fatigue or a focus on the physical and the practical instead of the mystical, people with the ENFP personality type can find themselves disappointed by what they see as a lack of substance beneath the surface.

ENFP friends

ENFPs tend to get deeply involved in others’ lives, going to great lengths and efforts to be the selfless, caring and supportive people they are, and all the while forget to take care of themselves. Both in terms of basic needs like financial stability and rest, as well as more emotional needs like mutual understanding and reciprocation, ENFP personalities tend to give much more of themselves than most are even capable of giving back. This sort of imbalance isn’t sustainable, as (seemingly) one-sided generosity often leads to criticism and resentment on both sides.

Making Life Spectacular

Luckily, ENFPs are open-minded and sincere enough in their friendships, and connect with and understand even their acquaintances well enough, that they recognize that not everyone expresses themselves in the same ways, and that that’s okay. Their sensitivity may make it too challenging to play with more critical and argumentative personalities, such as strongly expressed Thinking (T) and Judging (J) types, but they do appreciate, even cherish, the company of most anyone who appreciates theirs, and the adventures and experiences they have together are the stuff a good life is made of.

Ash of the Shadows
5 years ago
Okay, I myself am not ENFP, (I'm INFP), but my best friend is. I was fine by myself for the first month of freshman year in HS, but he latched onto me and we've been friends since then. He has a VERY, VERY large circle of friends, so whereas he is MY best friend, I am not his. I'm not a very friendly person and can be quite mean if people can't take the hint to leave me alone, so I don't know for sure why he talks to me. I think it might be the trait where they try to discover everything about people who don't instantly open up to them. I know for a fact that I have a very hard time telling people things, so that might be it. Do any ENFPs want to argue or agree?
5 years ago
You friend sounds very much like me; if I saw you sitting alone I would definitely come up to chat. I love making a ton of friends, but I am very loyal to the ones I am close to. And yes, we do enjoy wanted to know more about people who do not open up. That is why our top romantic interests are INFJ and INTJ. I can say that while loyalty runs deep, it is hard for us to keep relationships with friends at the level it should be, hence why you may not be his best friend. But, he seems like he still cares... even though it takes A LOT for us not to care.
5 years ago
Well its a bit complicated. It really depends on certain other unique traits. The main motive for me is curiosity with people who are reserved. Other motives tend to revolve around 'If it was me in that place I would hate to be alone and would want others to make the same effort' or something along those lines. If he's kept at it for any long period though then he must like you or see something (this or have idealistic notions). As for argue and agree - both. Too often the positive aspects of a personality type are listed but some can exhibit the more positive aspects and some the more negative aspects. Also sometimes there can be fluctuations so if someone was having a very bad day they might have their moment and become very angry and could even say something harsh that they later regret during an argument. Pushiness ,anger, violence, coldness etc. are the negatives of all Diplomats but especially the ENFP if the person is dysfunctional.
4 years ago
I am also an infp, and am in a ldr with an enfp. He very persistently pursued me and was indeed masterful at pulling me out of my shell. I adore him for that, because I also feel safe with him. He cares for and protects me. He's fascinating and oh the sexual energy... sorry if tmi! But I think you might give it a shot :)
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