Why People Are Grateful for You, Based on Your Personality Type

It’s the season to give thanks. From Canada and America’s Thanksgiving celebrations in October and November to Chuseok in the Koreas, countries around the world assign autumn as the season to remember what we’re grateful for.

We at 16Personalities want to take part in the tradition.

We’re grateful. Grateful for you, our community. Because of your support and engagement, we’re able to surge ahead with our research and produce life-changing material. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

But we’re not going to stop there! Below, we’ll explain why we – and the people around you – are likely to be grateful for you, based on your personality type.

Let’s begin!


Architects (INTJ)

Architects carry themselves with a contagious confidence that is just one of the reasons why the people in their life – including us – are most grateful for them. They teach us to dig deep, to reinforce our ideas with careful research, and to be quiet when we’re ignorant of a subject but self-assured when we’re knowledgeable about it.

Thank you, Architects – from your example, we learn the importance of really knowing what we’re talking about.

Logicians (INTP)

Logicians are remarkably capable of imagining that things might be different from what they seem. They’re one of the first to ask, “Well, what if you think about it this way?”

This deep wellspring of curiosity is why we’re grateful for Logicians like you. No matter the topic, you encourage even the most persistent of us to remain curious about the world. You help us see everything in a new light.

Commanders (ENTJ)

We’re grateful that Commanders take on the burden of choice. This skill shines in so many situations, from picking a movie for the family to watch (and effectively stopping the bickering) to deciding who needs to be terminated from the team at work.

If there’s no clear path ahead, it’s likely that you will take it upon yourself to create one. Whatever choice you make, we’re grateful that Commanders like you are the ones to make it.

Debaters (ENTP)

Debaters challenge us. For Debaters, it’s not enough to believe in something – you must also be able to defend that belief. You test us with questions: “Why is this way better?” “Why is this so important?” Engaging with you gives those around you a chance to critically evaluate their own beliefs and see how they hold up.

We’re grateful that Debaters like you can help us understand why we’re willing to fight for what we believe in.


Advocates (INFJ)

We’re grateful to Advocates for acting on their hope. In their hearts, they hold hope for everything – themselves, their loved ones, and the world. Advocates strive to be better and to do better. Without fail, their quiet, hopeful focus inspires others.

Advocates, please be aware that, even without trying to, you encourage those around you to do a little better every day.

Mediators (INFP)

Thank you, Mediators, for reminding us not only that our emotions are important, but also that to feel is to be alive. You show us that allowing ourselves to be human – to cry, laugh, yell, smile without restraint – can be a strength.

Protagonists (ENFJ)

Protagonists are changemakers. They don’t shy away from a challenge. If they tire, it’s never a question of, “Should I give up?” but rather, “How much time do I need to get my strength back?”

Thank you, Protagonists, for teaching us to never stop pursuing our goals and passions.

Campaigners (ENFP)

Campaigners are often the light in the darkness. The color they bring to others’ lives is invaluable. When we’re feeling low, you’re the ones who grab our hand and tell us, “Hey, you’re going to be all right.”

We’re grateful to you, Campaigners. You’re some of our biggest cheerleaders – and you teach us to cheer for ourselves.


Logisticians (ISTJ)

When it comes to Logisticians, we’re grateful for the steadiness you bring to our lives, for being an anchor when the waters are uncertain and choppy. When we need someone to depend on, we turn to you.

Defenders (ISFJ)

We’re grateful to Defenders for their tirelessness, for the quiet protection they lend to their community and loved ones.

You don’t do this for praise or glory, Defenders, but because it’s your nature to be helpful. Thank you for that, and for teaching us that there’s strength in simplicity.

Executives (ESTJ)

For Executives reading this, it may not mean much since excellence is your default mode – but please know that everyone around you appreciates your work.

We’re grateful to you for showing up. We’re grateful that, even when you’re tired, you’ll continue forward to ensure that everything goes to plan.

Consuls (ESFJ)

We’re grateful to Consuls for their warmth. For their desire to take care of us. We’re grateful that they care, and, in turn, teach us to care.

We know that if you, as a Consul, love us, you’re not idealizing us, but appreciating us for who we are. Thank you.


Virtuosos (ISTP)

Though their view of the world may seem pessimistic, Virtuosos’ ability to be at peace with who they are, and the state of the world, is inspiring. We’re grateful for the Virtuosos in our lives because of the zen they can bring.

Adventurers (ISFP)

We’re grateful to you, Adventurers, for teaching us to fight for our art, for our right to express ourselves. Thank you for helping us accept that, while what we create may not be for everybody, it’s ours, and no one can take that away.

Entrepreneurs (ESTP)

Entrepreneurs are absolute dynamos, and they always keep those around them on their toes. No one can deny that when an Entrepreneur walks into the room, all eyes are on them.

Thank you, Entrepreneurs. We’re grateful because you show us the power of energy.

Entertainers (ESFP)

When Entertainers see that their friends or loved ones are bogged down by the daily grind, they can’t help but lend a hand (or insist on taking them out for a much-needed night on the town).

We’re grateful to you, Entertainers – you get us out of our heads.


Did we miss something really important? Tell us how you’re grateful for the personality types in your life in the comments below! (And, no matter how you celebrate, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!)

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1 week ago
This is such a precious article, it made me so so happy, and honestly renewed and confirmed some of my own appreciation for the different personalities on my life! (I’m dating an ENFP and that’s the absolute truth:)
1 week ago
Thank you
3 weeks ago
This is just nice to hear, all sweet and accepting. Thank you 16personalities Team, and I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving, though your base is in England. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrated, and you have an even better day.
3 weeks ago
This made my day, thank you and thank you! I seriously feel a sensation in my eyes right now... You have no idea I'm grateful for you for giving me a new perspective on myself and those around me. Thanks for this article again, thanks for everything, I really needed to hear those words of appreciation so thanks again.
3 weeks ago
Wow, someone is actually thankful for my strong and honest emotions. Most of the people I’ve known called it “drama” and wanted me to hide it. Lol. I’d like to thank other F types in my life who encourage me to open up, T types who challenge me to think things through and keep my feet on the ground, other Intuitives with whom I share my dreams and weirdness, and Observers who encourage me to enjoy the here and now. Especially my ENTP friends who helped me sharpen my logic and question why I believed something, my INTP friends who are always honest and with whom I have a special connection, and my INTJ friends who obviously don’t always agree with me, but like me anyway for some reason. XD Also to my fellow Diplomats, often passionate and supportive, who dream of a better world. And to my fellow INFPs, all us weird dreamers who feel so deeply. Love and Happy Thanksgiving!
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