Which Personality Type Is Your Ideal Partner?

Are you single? Hungry? Tired of browsing appealing options only to discover that, sometimes, what sounded good isn’t as satisfying as you hoped? Well, I’ve got news for you: you got what you chose. But enough about take-out food, this is supposed to be about personality types and romantic compatibility.

Personality type alone is a terrible way to choose a romantic partner. (What?! Can he say that here?) Any individual may have qualities that make them a much more or much less suitable partner for you. Yet personality traits do have a big influence on compatibility – especially in long-term relationships – so personality type is a reasonable facet to consider as you get to know someone.

Maybe you’d enjoy someone you can easily relate to, or maybe you want someone with different strengths to help balance you? I can’t tell you which personality type is the right match for you, so let me sing their praises and we’ll see what sparks your interest. Like how a friend would introduce you to someone you might like. (But I’m introducing you to everyone, so, apparently, I’m your libertine friend.) Here we go.

Lots of Private Time and Curious Conversations

If you like the idea of a romance that focuses on warmly sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences, then you might resonate with an Advocate (INFJ), Mediator (INFP), or Adventurer (ISFP). These imaginative Introverts tend to be sweethearted and enjoy exploring life in somewhat reserved ways. They enjoy uncovering intangible rewards but also have an open curiosity about the world around them.

While they don’t always have vigorous social habits, these personalities value personal relationships highly and are willing to focus lots of love and attention on just a few people – or one special person. If they love and trust you, they’ll be happy to share their inner worlds with you, to enter yours, and to join you in more outward exploration.

The Logic, Decisiveness, and Energy to Make Dreams Come True

If you want a partner who not only has powerful drive but also can bring order to chaos, Commander (ENTJ) and Executive (ESTJ) personality types might be a good fit. They apply a no-nonsense approach that tends to make big things happen. But they’re not necessarily cold taskmasters – they apply their resolute energy to joyful personal pursuits just like everything else.

These personalities can make your time together sparkle with activity, yet you’ll always sense how they have a focused purpose behind their actions. That can be very reassuring in a partner, and once love blooms, you can trust them to turn their efforts toward creating a wonderful shared universe.

Home, Hearth, and Humanity

When it comes to taking care of others, Defender (ISFJ), Protagonist (ENFJ), and Consul (ESFJ) personality types really stand out. They are all about crafting and appreciating cohesive human bonds and a sense of community – and they will gladly lavish that ethic on a romantic partner. If being part of a rich, ongoing interpersonal framework appeals to you, joining with one of these types can be very attractive.

These personalities can also be among the most reliable, favoring a sense of stability and continuity. They take care when deciding on a course of action and take pride in following through with it, both to satisfy their own principles and for the benefit of those they love.

Quietly Exacting Precision

If you like the idea of perfecting everything – or want to be with someone who will never stop trying to do so – you might enjoy the company of an Architect (INTJ) or Logistician (ISTJ). These types put incredible thought into optimizing everything they think and do. Sometimes this can lead to fun banter as they explain their detailed theories, and other times, it can be amazing to just sit back and see what they accomplish.

But be ready to indulge some intense preferences! They’re particular, but when they love you, this also means that they’ll be stoically tenacious on your behalf. And they may not always move quickly, but when they do – including making a romantic commitment – it’s usually with a powerful sense of dedication and will.

Inquisitive Experimentation and Mastery

If you want someone who is willing to try almost anything without losing their rational perspective, you might have some great times with a Logician (INTP) or Virtuoso (ISTP) personality. They’re free spirits in the sense of being open-minded, but they also tend to view things in a logical, even detached kind of way. So they’re usually up for whatever, but not likely to lose their heads in superficial things.

That can make for some fun activities, always trying (and unabashedly reviewing) new things together. But while you may catch their interest, don’t expect either of these types to be highly social, especially in large or unfamiliar groups. Their sweetness and warmth is often reserved for only a very few people.

Bold Adventure-Seeking

If you want a romance with some velocity, Entertainer (ESFP), Campaigner (ENFP), Entrepreneur (ESTP), and Debater (ENTP) personality types might fulfill your fantasies. Whatever their personal take on fun is, they don’t hesitate to jump in and make the most of life – so hold on tight if you’re along for the ride. And their fun is doubled if they have someone special to share it with, so they are often very socially open.

One of the best things about these personality types is that they tend to ignore limits and are often able to accomplish things that others assume to be impossible. They think nothing of pushing boundaries with – or for – someone they love (or for almost any other good reason). Their energy may not always maintain consistent focus and direction, but that can make being with them even more exciting.


Did any of that sound like your cup of tea? There are no incompatible personality types, but everyone has their own preferences. Exploring the links above can give you a solid overview of all the personality types – but don’t limit yourself or get lost in assumptions. When you meet someone, there will be a lot to discover regardless of their personality type – you’ll just have a great head start!

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