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Strategies: Social Engagement

Shared traits: Extraverted and Turbulent

Those with the Social Engagement Strategy are an interesting group. In some ways, Extraversion and Turbulence conflict with each other: Extraversion leads to risk-tolerance and boldness; Turbulence reflects self-doubt and sensitivity. Turbulence also contributes to impulsivity, which Extraversion makes highly visible. This means Social Engagers tend to do what comes naturally first and think about it later. In this way, they are almost an exaggeration of their underlying personality types. This isn’t a bad thing.

Social Engagers enthusiastically engage the external world, not content to live in their minds, drawing emotional security from positive interactions. In business and among loved ones, these types are usually the center of attention. Social Engagers meet the needs of the crowd in social settings, but they sometimes hide their true selves to impress other people. They appreciate social status, and often portray themselves as the person they aspire to – usually a purer form of their personality type – in order to achieve it.

Social Engagers often experience stunning highs and lows as their Extraversion pushes their Turbulent need for success into overdrive and their Turbulence creates an immediate sense of regret, warranted or not. These personality types can be surprisingly competitive, measuring themselves against peers and hoping others notice their accomplishments, then retreat, suddenly becoming averse to conflict, leading them to apologize for or avoid confrontations – even those that ended in beneficial discussions.

These personalities may falter occasionally in their self-confidence, but ultimately they are driven to improve and achieve. At the end of the day, they have no trouble blowing off some steam and enjoying a much-needed break, either. Social Engagers enthusiastically pursue stimulating and exciting experiences, especially with a group of friends. They much prefer to dive into an experience than to sit down for a reserved evaluation, though many will naturally regret their hot-headed lack of planning down the road.

This push and pull between ambition and alarm, impulse and caution, highs and lows can itself be quite stressful, but it’s all part of this Strategy’s charm. These personality types are often restless in pursuit of their goals to improve their circumstances, but show their passion by indulging their desires through some earned fun (and maybe shopping for something impressive). Social Engagers work hard at their personal and professional development, striving to meet all manner of stringent standards, but they lead dynamic lives as well, filled with companionship, sharing adventures and accomplishments with others whenever possible. Whatever direction they pull, they are sure to pull the crowd with them.

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