Strategies: Constant Improvement

Shared traits: Introverted and Turbulent

Constant Improvers are sensitive and contemplative individuals who enjoy having their own space and freedom. They are often deep and creative individuals, though often tense and more comfortable on their own than mixed up in the judgment of the real world. With the two personality traits most representative of a sensitivity to their environment – Introversion and Turbulence – they are reserved when dealing with strangers or new situations, often turning inwards or focusing on peacekeeping instead.

These personalities’ caution in the face of unfamiliar challenges can sometimes look like a lack of motivation, but this is usually just self-doubt – Constant Improvers have a strong drive, but it comes paired with a strong fear of failure. They invest a great deal of their identity in their successes, and even a minor misstep or embarrassment can be crushing.

The vigilance learned from a lifetime of ups and downs gives these personality types a knack for sensing trouble. This is a strategic wariness that can be quite useful in situations that need to balance risk and reward, whether a financial investment or a romantic opportunity. Though they can seem frustratingly over-cautious to others, Constant Improvers would rather not face calamity, so they excel at avoiding it with preventive insights.

Since they aren’t always comfortable with energetic exchanges with other people, Constant Improvers often direct their attention elsewhere, striving to master hobbies, careers, bodies of knowledge, or new means of self-expression. Their restless drive, self-doubt, and solitary mentality can combine to create impressive, beautiful results.

High-achieving and perfectionistic, Constant Improvers generally try to do their best in their endeavors, dedicating tremendous time and energy. These personalities can put so much pressure on themselves that they diminish their own impressive accomplishments by fixating on the slightest flaws or dismissing successes as luck rather than skill or dedication.

Taken too far, this perfectionism can also drive endless rumination – an unhealthy obsession with perfection will reveal flaws in the best plans, and Constant Improvers often feel forced to abandon a course of action because something doesn’t line up right. Whether working feverishly or picking at the threads of an idea though, Constant Improvers can be intense about their goals, and progress towards internal balance can lead them to amazing personal accomplishments.

Alongside their personal efforts, these personality types also care a great deal what others think of them. This can be very useful, but they can take this to a fault: fixating on others’ expectations can sour social efforts into awkwardness. Constant Improvers are easily thrown off-balance by conflict, and may communicate timidly, or not at all, for fear of hurting people’s feelings, provoking a confrontation, or looking the fool.

Sometimes it takes peer approval and active encouragement for this Strategy group to recognize their own virtues. These personalities often benefit from friends and colleagues patient enough to get to know them and who give them a chance to speak their minds. When treated considerately, these types become devoted partners and begin to reveal their kindness, insights, heartfelt support, and the complexities of their approach to the world, from sometimes (oddly specific) plans for obscure situations to starry-eyed ambitions.

Reepus Vanguard
1 month ago
This is very accurate, wouldn’t think I would say this.
1 month ago
Wow! Super accurate...thought I was the only one who was like this but I guess I'm not! Lol Now I just have to figure out a way to stop driving myself crazy with perfection
3 months ago
Its strange how I am competitive yet I loathe showing my achievements to others. I write amazing poems and stories, say the few that I show them too though most others that have seen them laugh because sometimes my writing seems absurd, they don't laugh because they see the depth of humour- they don't understand it.
4 months ago
Very good.
4 months ago
100% spot on, got it. I do spend my energy, time, will, and motivation to the arts, and a body of knowledge. This is pretty scary. It describes how I often seek for peer acceptance and acknowledgement. I do tend to other think and be very cautious of everything. People have gotten annoyed at me for that, but this is 100% true. I’m definitely an INFJ-T. Although this over-cautiousness has lend to aniexty attacks, and sense that I am a failure.
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