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Strategies: People Mastery

Shared traits: Extraverted and Assertive

People Masters are highly stress-resistant, maintaining confidence through life’s challenges, social pressures, and any questions of their capabilities. These personality types seek social contact and have solid communication skills, feeling at ease when relying on or directing other people. People Masters’ mantra is fearless engagement – to be is to do. This is not a group known for its timid opinions or idleness.

People Masters feel rewarded by stimulation and challenging experiences. They like travelling to see things, people, and places, where they can experience a richer understanding of the world around them. These personalities like sampling new foods, lifestyles, and cultures; even things they don’t end up liking can be entertaining excitement for them.

Sometimes, though, People Masters are too confident. Insulated against self-doubt and the need to prove themselves, they don’t always test, or even consider, their own limits or ambitions. They can slip into a pattern of endless fun and comfort-seeking, rolling their eyes at those who press themselves towards more intimidating goals. At the other end of the spectrum, these personality types can just as easily ignore sensible caution, putting themselves in extraordinary and dangerous situations, confident they can find their way through.

Most fall somewhere in the middle, embracing healthy ambition and competition so long as they play a meaningful part in social circles and leadership. Social interaction plays a big part in People Masters’ happiness. While not dependent on people’s approval for emotional security, they appreciate acclaim for their accomplishments and bright personalities, and can be a touch showy from time to time. These types are self-confident, but they are often lost without people to lead, laugh with, and love.

Their charisma, self-assurance and boisterousness can sometimes be trying qualities. People Masters prefer cooperation, but have few qualms about dominating their opposition to achieve their goals, boldly promoting themselves and using their social skills to get ahead. This Strategy understands people’s needs, but can just as easily use this as a weapon rather than a tool of compassion if they have their sights set on something big.

People Masters can compromise when needed, but these personality types tend to be better talkers than listeners. They can be very demanding, criticizing people’s performance regardless of their feelings because they expect no less of themselves. That said, these types are moderate in their disagreements because their ego and confidence aren’t at stake the way they often are for Turbulent Strategies. People Masters are not fond of grudges, content to let bygones be bygones. They are more likely to be socially idealistic, with the intent of bringing people together to make things happen – petty grievances just get in the way.

People Masters’ charismatic virtues shine in social contexts, and these types have little fear of rejection and a passion for inclusion. They prefer to take the lead, but sharing the journey through other people’s eyes enhances their own enjoyment as well. People Masters share in all aspects of people’s lives, making these personalities strong, honest friends, parents, spouses, and colleagues, serving as wellsprings of energy, joy, and mutual success.

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