Strategies: Confident Individualism

Shared traits: Introverted and Assertive

Confident Individualists typically trust in themselves, and they often embrace solitude to pursue their own interests rather than seeking out social activity. Fascinated by personal projects, people following this Strategy often have an impressive range of skills and interesting ideas. But projects are usually only pursued for their own merit – Confident Individualists tend to feel that social displays and bragging are time and energy wasted. These personality types are proud of who they are, what they know, and what they can do, but they don’t feel the need to prove themselves to others.

Confident Individualists engage their internal inspiration instead of searching for motivation outside themselves. They favor privacy, and aren’t particularly fond of interacting with society, whether in a strictly social sense or when embracing broader societal goals. These personalities often favor substance over superficiality and personal honesty over playing along, and prefer a utilitarian approach, even when pursuing esoteric goals.

This utilitarianism also means that Confident Individualists are not easily drawn into emotional drama. They hold their own opinions firmly, but tend to see little reason to try to convince others. When drama does arise, these personality types express their truth with little concern over whether they’ll cause friction or offense. Confident Individualists tend to endorse self-reliance over cooperation, and are rarely pressured into agreeing with or lending support to others unless they believe in the cause.

This relaxed self-assurance means that Confident Individualists may not push their boundaries. Their live-and-let-live attitude goes both ways: they don’t need to convince others, and they tend to expect others to return the favor. While highly capable, they can miss information and opportunities that challenge their views because they simply don’t place much importance on factoring in others’ approval. They can be tolerant in disagreement though, respecting others’ individualism just as they respect their own.

When these personality types form friendships, they tend to be strong and honest. Because these types don’t feel like they need other people’s approval, their loyalty and affection is a deliberate expression of affection. Impressing a Confident Individualist earns their respect and care, and these types make for dedicated, passionate friends.

Self-reliance is central for these types, and they handle difficult situations well because they tend to be emotionally secure, bold, and resistant to stress. They rarely seek leadership or the spotlight, but when they do find themselves in these positons, these personalities lead by an example of self-determination and uncomplicated honesty – they appreciate grace, class, and form, and rarely seek to impress by appearances alone. When acting with knowledge and wisdom, Confident Individualists can be noble pillars of strength.

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1 year ago
I ALMOST agree with this one more than my actual INFP results. I felt like they were missing some things about me on the INFP page but if you combine that with this it works out pretty much perfectly. Anyways definitely very accurate for me. My brother gets annoyed when I don't share his concerns about potential dangers, he is often thinking about what to do in case of natural disasters, I think about things like that to amuse myself. Although I like to always learn new skills I'm confident in the ones I have so I never really worry much about anything. And I think pretty much everything else this article says applies to me too to some extent or another. It's great to be a confident individualist or as I'm going to jokingly call it, 'Arrogant Hermit'. :)
1 year ago
"Arrogant Hermit"... I think I like this nickname XD
1 year ago
It is fascinating how true this is, I cannot believe that others have it the same way, I always thought I'm simply strange :)
1 year ago
For me the convincing part doesn't fit. I like debating even the little things, probably in order to get to know what is true
8 months ago
Do you debate for the sake of debate or to change their minds?
4 months ago
1 year ago
Yeah, but you didn't write about complications that arise out of this beautiful strategy. You almost made me feel good about myself but then I remembered they exist as well. BTW, keep up the good and interesting work!
11 months ago
What complications?
1 year ago
Yup. Pretty much me :).
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