16 Personality Types Have 16 Horrible Halloween Nightmares

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Can horror, humor, and personality theory mix? Anything’s possible during Halloween, when people flirt with scary things for a thrill. This year we’re peeking into some imaginary nightmares of each personality type, but be warned – these glimpses into darker what-ifs may give you chills. Some of them might even feel frighteningly familiar – muahahaha!

Each personality type has some things that they’re likely to find annoying, desirable, interesting – or horrifying. Could such stresses turn dreams into Halloween nightmares? We hope not. But it’s enough premise for a tongue-in-cheek holiday article. So let’s step – if you dare – into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. A wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. You’ve just crossed over into the 16 Personalities Zone.

Imagine, if you will…

  • An Architect (INTJ) never being allowed to decide anything for themselves. Nothing they do or say truly affects their life – it’s all up to someone else, and directives must be followed, whether they make sense or not. Having strong, insightful ideas that they cannot act on is surely a nightmare for this personality type.
  • A Logician (INTP) stuck in a boring routine for eternity. They never get to let their imagination loose and try, practice, or learn anything new. They just have to do the same things over and over again. A repetitive structure from which they cannot escape could wake Logicians up in a cold sweat.
  • A Commander (ENTJ) who can only act through people who don’t really understand anything. The Commander can so clearly see what must be done and brilliantly explain how to do it, but it never ends up being done correctly. That kind of frustration would be enough to make these personalities scream in horror.
  • A Debater (ENTP) who must agree with everyone, all the time. Their thoughts are alive in their mind but just can’t come out as words. The only way they can talk to people is if they approvingly echo whatever’s been said. Never being able to speak their mind would be horrifying for these opinionated chatters extraordinaire.
  • An Advocate (INFJ) who everyone always thinks is joking or being silly, even when they’re saying sincere or commonplace things. Nothing they do or say is taken seriously, and the more they protest and insist on their meaning, the more people just laugh and say, “Haha, whatever.” That would be utterly terrifying for a type that values authenticity and deep connection.
  • A Mediator (INFP) whose thoughts can be so plainly read on their face that they can’t hide anything. Whether it’s thoughts about themselves or other people, they face the consequences of having their inner voice heard, all the time. That would be truly disturbing for such private personality types. (Kind of like those ad algorithms that always seem to know what you’re thinking, eh?)
  • A Protagonist (ENFJ) whose words, no matter how kind and heartfelt they may be, are always misinterpreted as offensive. Whatever they intend to say, people seem to recoil, misunderstanding it as something hurtful or critical. For a type so intent on building positive bonds, offending people constantly would be a nightmare, indeed.
  • A Campaigner (ENFP) who no one really notices or acknowledges in any meaningful way – as if they barely existed. They walk around, trying to engage with others, but people barely pay them any attention, good or bad. For such a boisterous, social type, being ignored would be a horror that we hope never comes true.
  • A Logistician (ISTJ) for whom nothing works as it should. No matter how carefully they set things up and ensure that everything is correct, every system they interface with fails them. Cars, pens, banks – they find that they just can’t rely on anything. For a personality that loves their world to run smoothly and predictably, such letdowns would be horrible.
  • A Defender (ISFJ) whose choices and actions always end up inadvertently hurting the people they care about, even though they seem completely correct at the time. No matter how careful they are, things seem to go awry in the worst way. That would be appalling for a personality type that tries so hard to be considerate of others.
  • An Executive (ESTJ) who can’t finish anything because they keep having setbacks and distractions. They know they need to make progress, and they do – yet they never seem to get ahead. Something additional always comes up along the way to push the finish line farther into the future, just out of reach. For a practical, goal-oriented doer, that would be nightmarish.
  • A Consul (ESFJ) with whom everyone disagrees. They keep trying to give people loving, sincere advice and direction, but no one listens to them. They see problems ahead of time but can’t prevent them from happening because no one heeds their warnings. That could be a horrible thing for a personality type that’s so motivated to care for others’ well-being.
  • A Virtuoso (ISTP) whose tools and supplies always break or malfunction, so they can’t do any of the projects, hobbies, or activities they like. They’ll get everything going and be deep into some task, and then some little thing gives out on them. And when they try to improvise a solution, that goes wrong too. For a type so capable of hands-on creativity, that could be a true horror.
  • An Adventurer (ISFP) who keeps exploring new places, but at the end, it always turns out to be the same place – one they’ve been to many times. Along the way, it seems like they’ve finally found somewhere new, so they keep trying, but no matter where they go, they can only reach a single destination. For a personality type that craves novelty, that’s the stuff of truly bad dreams.
  • An Entrepreneur (ESTP) who no one believes, no matter how smart or convincing their words are. They can’t get traction with anyone, as if they’re lying even when they’re being completely sincere. Consequently, no one trusts them or will do anything with them. For a type that is normally ambitious and clever, not being able to get anywhere in life would feel like a nightmare.
  • An Entertainer (ESFP) who realizes that even though everyone acts friendly to them, they’re faking it. People only pretend to want to be around them, and while they keep up really bright smiles and laughs, they won’t admit their true feelings when confronted. Not being able to have genuine friendships could be pure horror for these warmly social types.

Wake up! Those were all just bad dreams, and you’re totally fine. We hope we didn’t scare you too much. The scariest things are usually in our own minds, where we have a lot of power to overcome them. We hope you have a fun, thrilling Halloween – and only sweet dreams (from here on out, at least!).

Are there any Halloween nightmares you feel like talking about? Let us know in the comments below!

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