ISFJ relationships

ISFJs are very committed to keeping their long-term relationships at the highest possible level and being responsible while dating. People with this personality type usually have very strong feelings, but they tend to hide them from the outside world, unless there is a very good reason to open up, which is why these feelings may not always be obvious to other people. Anyone dating an ISFJ should keep this mind; more than likely, their shell is hiding some very strong feelings.

ISFJ personalityThe intensity of these feelings means that romantic relationships are a very high priority for ISFJs, and they may sometimes even place them on the same shelf as religious feelings. Consequently, ISFJ personalities take dating very seriously as well. ISFJs seek long-term relationships, and it is safe to say that they are very likely to remain faithful to their partners until the last day of their life.

Looking from the sexual perspective, ISFJs see intimacy as a very important aspect of every romantic relationship. They tend to be very good at expressing their feelings through physical actions, paying a lot of attention to satisfying their partner’s needs. ISFJs are also likely to see sexual acts as a duty rather than a source of pleasure—but they will truly enjoy them. People with this personality type rarely verbalise their feelings of love and affection, so intimacy is a great way for them to express these emotions.

An ISFJ can spend an enormous amount of time and energy making sure that their partner is happy; there is nothing more pleasant to an ISFJ than being appreciated by their other half. The same thing can be said about their dating or romantic relationships in general: the best gift that someone can give to an ISFJ is lots of love and appreciation.

An ISFJ is also likely to be very altruistic and perceptive of other people’s needs. However, people with this personality type should ensure that such a trait of theirs does not lead to abuse, especially while dating. It is important for ISFJs to pay some attention to their own dreams and desires as well, instead of spending all their energy on fulfilling others’ needs. Anyone dating an ISFJ should also keep this in mind.

ISFJs are likely to find it difficult to deal with criticism or tense situations. People with this personality type are known for their tendency to accumulate their anger and then unleash it in an all-out verbal attack, saying words that they are very likely to regret later.

ISFJs, generally speaking, are very family-oriented individuals, paying a lot of attention to their partner and other family members. They are perfectly suited to take care of everyday needs, and they take pleasure in caring for other people. Anyone dating an ISFJ should remember that the best ISFJ traits always come out later in the relationship—and this is one of the examples. An ISFJ is likely to invest a lot of time and effort in the romantic relationship and is likely to be a trustworthy, loyal, and loving partner.

Preferred partners: ESFP and ESTP types, as their Extraversion (E) and Prospecting (P) traits counterbalance ISFJs’ Introversion (I) and Judging (J) traits.

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Aug 24, 2014 08:12:19
This is too accurate
Aug 10, 2014 22:09:12
Absolutely me, no question!
Aug 02, 2014 04:00:16
I somehow feel that all the things I have been discovering about myself will lead me to my try self. I am a blk female just turned 36 I'm also a left hand Leo and I just learned that I'm a Empath as well. I would love to meet and talk to and be friends with others like myself. Isfj is really accurate for me!
Jul 28, 2014 15:45:18
Im an ESFP an omg, the ISFJ sounds perfect for me.
Sep 12, 2014 19:13:08
Yup, this is almost 100% accurate for me. I didn't know about this until today but now I'm totally glad I took that test
Feb 20, 2013 14:50:14
Hi Kate,

This is actually pretty common. The trait codes are dominant traits, and most people tend to have at least a little of both traits.

When people have a 50/50 trait balance, they often refer to themselves as ISFx (x being unknown, as it can refer to either traits) or ISFJ/P. Both ISFJ and ISFP descriptions will apply to you, but neither as strongly.