ESTJ strengths and weaknesses

ESTJ Strengths

  • Dedicated. ESTJ personalities take their duties very seriously and do not abandon tasks just because they have become difficult or boring. ESTJs can also spend a lot of time and effort on causes that they care deeply about.
  • Enjoy creating order. ESTJs strongly dislike chaos and do their best to define rules, structures, and roles in the environment that they see as too chaotic.
  • Excellent organizers. ESTJ personalities know how to manage people and distribute tasks and responsibilities. They are excellent team leaders, especially from the administrative perspective.
  • Loyal, patient, and reliable. ESTJs value stability and security. They do their best to be responsible and reliable members of their company, community, or family.
  • Strong-willed. People with this personality type have strong beliefs and rarely give them up regardless of the opposition. More than likely, they will defend their ideas and principles relentlessly.
  • Direct and honest. ESTJs dislike reading between the lines and prefer simple, straightforward answers. They are more interested in facts than ideas or opinions.

ESTJ Weaknesses

  • Often too inflexible and stubborn. ESTJs often focus so much on traditions and their own principles that they hastily dismiss unconventional ideas or methods that might be more effective than the “old ways.”
  • Judgmental. People with the ESTJ personality type tend to have strong convictions about what is right and socially acceptable and do not tolerate any deviations. They are likely to comment on or criticize such behavior, believing that it is their duty to make things right.
  • May have difficulties expressing their emotions. ESTJs value facts and rationality, placing them above sensitivity and emotions. Consequently, they may have difficulties understanding other people’s feelings and expressing their own.
  • Find it difficult to relax. ESTJ personalities may focus too much on what is expected of them, forgetting to relax—or worrying what people might think of them if they do.
  • May focus too much on their social status. ESTJs value their social status very highly, and seek to be respected by their friends, colleagues, and relatives. Consequently, they may often pay too little attention to their own needs and wishes.
  • Uncomfortable with unconventional solutions. People with this personality type prefer tried and tested solutions. They may be uncomfortable with sudden change or get stressed when there is a need to try something completely new.

Do you agree with these points? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Aug 11, 2014 01:14:31
This is so 99.9%
Aug 06, 2014 14:11:55
I agree with the points above. This is me for sure. You nailed it.
Macey Guthery
May 09, 2014 17:58:51
I strongly agree with most of the points above. On the strengths side, I don't view myself as an organized person (you should see my desk). But I do think people have the perception that I am organized.
On the weaknesses side I disagree with the difficulty to relax. I guess I would like more context in the explanation. I also disagree with the uncomfortable with unconventional solutions. As long as something is justified, I love trying new things. I am a petroleum engineer. If we did not expand technologies we would not continue to support our countries energy needs. And that's just one aspect. I guess this could be me being stubborn.
Pau Kelly
Apr 05, 2014 10:23:12
Agree, that's pretty much me
Feb 03, 2014 02:13:32
this is so true in so many im shocked and i love that this is telling me more about myself everyone should take this quiz