ESTJ parents

ESTJ parents are likely to be strict, dedicated, and very traditional. People with the ESTJ personality type are usually seen as model citizens and guardians of family traditions; these concepts are very important to them. Not surprisingly, ESTJs will expect their children to behave accordingly and will not tolerate any signs of disrespect or insubordination.

ESTJ parents tend to be brilliant when it comes to practical matters, e.g., money management. They will enjoy creating a secure, stable environment for their children and do everything they can to protect them from harm. However, ESTJs will demand that their children fulfill their duties as well.

ESTJs are likely to be direct, honest, and very down-to-earth parents. They will do their best to instill these values in their children, hoping to see them grow up as strong-willed, respected, and responsible individuals. The ESTJ’s inflexibility may make it quite difficult for them to relate to their children during the adolescent years, but even the most rebellious child will eventually recognize and appreciate the ESTJ’s dedication and hard work.

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