ESFP careers

Even though ESFPs are commonly referred to as “party people,” typical ESFP careers do not always reflect this sentiment. People with this personality type tend to be independent and resourceful, and these traits help them tremendously on the career ladder.

To begin with, the most important trait shared by all ESFPs is their desire for excitement, stimulation, and novelty. People with this personality type seek new challenges, take pleasure in socializing with many different people, and always focus on the present. Some of the best ESFP careers focus on these traits. For instance, ESFPs tend to be excellent entertainers, photographers, event planners, and sales representatives.

Next, ESFPs are truly interested in other people, and they know how to make them happy, even in difficult situations. As already mentioned above, ESFPs can be very resourceful, especially when their help is badly needed. Contact with other people is crucial for this personality type, and almost all ESFP career paths are based on this need. ESFPs can be wonderful and inspiring counselors, social workers, personal coaches, consultants, etc. They can also be brilliant medical professionals, especially in the paramedic/EMT fields. ESFPs’ empathy and ability to improvise can be very valuable in challenging situations.

Furthermore, ESFPs are very spontaneous; there are very few things they loathe more than a strictly scheduled, structured, and monotonous grind. Theoretical writing, a nine-to-five administrative job, or meticulous data analysis are akin to torture for ESFPs. Any careers that involve such or similar things are highly unsuitable for this personality type. In contrast, the best ESFP jobs give them enough freedom to show their love for novelty, aesthetics, and new experiences. Typical ESFP careers include fashion or interior design, tourism, trip planning, etc.

In general, these are the key things to remember as far as ESFP careers are concerned: they need a lot of contact with other people, more so than any other personality type; their thirst for new challenges is unquenchable; and they need to feel that their work is being appreciated by others.

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Oct 31, 2014 15:42:21
I love to entertain, so accurate!
Oct 27, 2014 23:16:49
hi i think this is all very well
Matt Machia
Oct 07, 2014 23:03:34
i actually like my 9-5 job, but then again its not routine at all, curveballs are thrown at me everyday
Oct 02, 2014 20:09:47
Very Very Acuurate!
Hilda Amelia
Sep 22, 2014 00:29:06
It is so true that I always get frustated so easily when I cannot talk with many people during my worktime. This is great!