ISTP Strengths and Weaknesses

ISTP Strengths

ISTP strengths
  • Optimistic and Energetic – ISTPs are usually up to their elbows in some project or other. Cheerful and good-natured, people with the ISTP personality type (especially Assertive ones) rarely get stressed out, preferring to go with the flow.
  • Creative and Practical – ISTPs are very imaginative when it comes to practical things, mechanics, and crafts. Novel ideas come easily, and they love using their hands to put them into action.
  • Spontaneous and Rational – Combining spontaneity with logic, ISTPs can switch mindsets to fit new situations with little effort, making them flexible and versatile individuals.
  • Know How to Prioritize – This flexibility comes with some unpredictability, but ISTP personalities are able to store their spontaneity for a rainy day, releasing their energy just when it’s needed most.
  • Great in a Crisis – With all this hands-on creativity and spontaneity, it’s no wonder that ISTPs are naturals in crisis situations. People with this personality type usually enjoy a little physical risk, and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when the situation calls for it.
  • Relaxed – Through all this, ISTPs are able to stay quite relaxed. They live in the moment and go with the flow, refusing to worry too much about the future.

ISTP Weaknesses

ISTP weaknesses
  • Stubborn – As easily as ISTPs go with the flow, they can also ignore it entirely, and usually move in another direction with little apology or sensitivity. If someone tries to change ISTPs’ habits, lifestyle or ideas through criticism, they can become quite blunt in their irritation.
  • Insensitive – ISTPs use logic, and even when they try to meet others halfway with empathy and emotional sensitivity, it rarely seems to quite come out right, if anything is even said at all.
  • Private and Reserved – ISTP personalities are notoriously difficult to get to know. They are true introverts, keeping their personal matters to themselves, and often just prefer silence to small talk.
  • Easily Bored – ISTPs enjoy novelty, which makes them excellent tinkerers, but much less reliable when it comes to focusing on things long-term. Once something is understood, ISTPs tend to simply move on to something new and more interesting.
  • Dislike Commitment – Long-term commitments are particularly onerous for ISTPs. They prefer to take things day-by-day, and the feeling of being locked into something for a long time is downright oppressive. This can be a particular challenge in ISTPs’ romantic relationships.
  • Risky Behavior – This stubbornness, difficulty with others’ emotions, focus on the moment, and easy boredom can lead to unnecessary and unhelpful boundary-pushing, just for fun. ISTPs have been known to escalate conflict and danger just to see where it goes, something that can have disastrous consequences for everyone around if they lose control of the situation.
4 years ago
This is me for the most part, except for the insensitivity except when i don't care. I actually think i am able to read people and there emotions better than my own most of the time.
4 years ago
Some things are true about me. But the part about not stressing is so way off. I always worry about something every day even though I wish I didn't. Plus that line about enjoying getting a reaction from people by irritating them,or however it was put, is so off base for me. I don't like rocking the boat at all.
4 years ago
I love this test, it is right on point, I haven't found a test that describes me to the "T", the way this test does. It helps me understand me more. And the relationship part im going to give to any guy that wants to date me so that they can have a brief overview of me lol.
The c001 9uy
4 years ago
The "negatives" described me very accurately. I'm just not very optimistic and not very energetic. Also, I have never really been in a "crisis" so I don't know how I would act.
somebody awsome
4 years ago
I don’t like taking risks at all and I don’t get bored easily!
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