ISFP Careers

When it comes to the career world, ISFPs need more than just a job. Wealth, power, structure, advancement and security are all lesser goals to ISFP personalities’ greatest need: creative freedom. ISFPs crave a tangible outlet for their imagination, a chance to express themselves artistically.

Those placing their emphasis on predictability and long-term planning find that attempts to push those views on ISFPs are about as effective as forcing open flames to point downwards.
ISFP careers

People with the ISFP personality type are passionate experimenters, and whether they’re aware of it or not, they are renowned trendsetters. With their unique perspective and simple desire to be themselves, ISFPs are natural artists, musicians and photographers, as well as designers of all stripes. Setting up shop on websites like Etsy is far more alluring to ISFPs than the confines of 9-5 administrative work in some fluorescent cubicle.

Don’t Work at Being Ordinary

ISFPs loathe sitting idle in colorless, unchanging environments. They are free souls and need flexibility, opportunities for improvisation, and immersive work that engages every sense. If they combine these needs with their competitive nature, ISFP personalities make great solo athletes. ISFPs prefer to live in the moment, believing the here and now is what matters most.

This quality does have the drawback of sometimes making ISFPs reckless and shortsighted, though those pitfalls aren’t set in stone. An emphasis on practical, tangible things, objects that can be seen and touched, comes at the cost of ignoring less tangible ideas. ISFPs often feel that they have little control over processes like retirement planning – they can’t predict the future, so it does no good to worry about it now.

Life’s too Short for Us to Bore Ourselves

This mindset can hold them back from many of their ideal careers, such as psychology, counseling and teaching, which require long-term planning and often extensive certifications to get started. It takes a great deal of energy for ISFPs to maintain focus on a single goal like that for so long, but it can make the day-to-day so much more rewarding for the rest of their lives.

An easier route revolves around freelance and consulting work in just about any industry that ISFPs enjoy. Whether organizing charity events, working with hospitals to make patients’ stays more pleasant, or laying stone to help make a house a home, ISFPs always seem to find a way to make the world a little more beautiful and exciting, and to make a living in the process.

4 years ago
Funnily enough, I love doing boring work. Laminating papers, archiving...
4 years ago
Funny, my aims were either freelance painter or writer, linguistic or teacher :p
4 years ago
"Fiercely Independent." This is legit! My mind was exploding as I read the results, every single point describes me perfectly. I feel relieved that it is normal to like being around people, but also feel it is necessary to spend time in solitude and reflection.
Vivien Beerman
4 years ago
yes this is me also :)
4 years ago
This is really accurate. I am stressed around people, but calm and relaxed while alone.
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