ISFP Friends

In friendship, ISFPs are some of the most comfortable people around. Laid back and spontaneous, people with the ISFP personality type won’t bog things down with arguments or structured long-term plans. Intellectually exhausting pastimes like debates over European economic policy won’t hold their attention long. The here-and-now is what’s important to ISFPs, and they love spending time with their friends doing casual, fun activities.

ISFP friends

I Don’t Want to Talk, I Want to Play!

ISFP personalities believe in actions, not words. They talk about what is, not what could, should or will be, and then they actually do it. This passion for action is a blessing for ISFPs, since it helps them get past their shyness in meeting new people. ISFPs are sensitive, much more so than most, and it takes time to build enough trust with new friends to open up and feel natural.

If new acquaintances start things out by explaining "You’d do way better if...", it’s unlikely they will ever be close – ISFPs just take these remarks too personally for comfort. People with this personality type are happy to get along with just about anyone, but potential friends need to ease up on being too judgmental or demanding.

If their friends keep things supportive and easy-going, ISFPs are happy to return the favor with added warmth and laughter. When they’re with friends they trust, ISFPs know how to relax, shedding rules, traditions and expectations in favor of just enjoying themselves.

Those who prefer safe, structured environments might end up struggling in these friendships though, especially if they lecture ISFPs on how they’re living their lives. As with any criticism, those friends are free to do their own thing, and to leave ISFPs to do theirs.

ISFPs’ relaxed, non-judgmental attitudes make it easy for them to get along with others, but it’s not always the same way around.

Lots of personal space and freedom are essential to ISFP personalities, and it’s often other Explorer types, who share their "live and let live" worldview and joy in actually doing things, that gravitate towards ISFPs. There’s really no better friend than ISFPs for dropping the pretenses and enjoying low-stress fun.

4 years ago
wow this is the most accurate personality test ever.
4 years ago
so true for me...
4 years ago
This is amazing
4 years ago
"ISFPs are likely to be warm, supportive and easy-going friends." Yes but only half heartedly. While they consider their actions sincere, since they only act like that when they are willing to and not when friends would appreciate or require then to, they come as fake. For me this is probably the greatest weakness of ISFPs, their inability to compromise. I'm a P type myself (although not ISFP), if I was a J type I don't even know how would I feel about it.
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