ISFJ Careers

In many ways, ISFJs are the backbone of the modern workforce. Altruistic and well-rounded, no other personality type is so well-suited to be of service of others. It is no surprise that many ISFJs are not just good at supporting their coworkers and customers in human resources and support positions, they genuinely enjoy it, as it gives them the chance to calm frustrations, see things through to a practical solution, and to be thanked, appreciated, at the close of each ordeal.

Be Humble and Earnest

ISFJs are skilled at remembering things about others which makes them not only valuable assistants, but well-liked colleagues. People with the ISFJ personality type can always be counted on to remember a birthday, a graduation, or simply a frequent customers’ name, and that can make all the difference. Add to these amiable qualities ISFJs’ meticulousness, hard work and dedication, and it’s no surprise that their careers often progress smoothly, with few of the ups and downs that accompany more high-flying types.

ISFJ careers

However, ISFJs are unlikely to actively seek out managerial positions, and are still more unlikely to brag about their accomplishments. ISFJ personalities prefer to be rewarded by seeing first-hand the positive impact of their efforts, and will remain enthusiastic simply knowing that what they do is genuinely appreciated by the people they care for. This makes them natural counselors, technical support, and interior designers, where they are able to help others one-on-one without having to worry about corporate politics.

Whether they seek promotion or not it happens often enough, as ISFJs’ ability to implement ideas and “create order from chaos” is bound to make an impression.

Respecting tradition and security, ISFJs have no problem with the idea of moving along in a structured hierarchy, and while they may not always seek out these managerial positions, they fill them well. ISFJs are well-tuned to others’ emotions and have a strong sense of practicality, extending their own ability to get things done to their teams.

Where ISFJs struggle is in generating new ideas and in grasping abstract concepts – fields like academic research and corporate strategy are too intangible and too impersonal to utilize ISFJs’ strengths. Similar challenges arise in more typical careers when changes are forced through by ISFJs’ employers – advance warning and a proper explanation can help to smooth the shock, but if the changes cut back on things like the quality of customer service, it can feel like a betrayal in the face of their loyalty and dedication.

Live Pleasantly and Do Good

Strong, well-developed institutions alongside like-minded friends are attractive workplaces for people with the ISFJ personality type, and careers as nurses, elementary school teachers and social and religious workers are attractive options. Sometimes the desire to help others is enough in itself – it’s not uncommon to find ISFJs volunteering and helping the community at shelters, food banks and their children’s schools. ISFJs are warm, service-oriented people, and hardly anyone is more welcome in these (and many, many other) roles.

Gary Lackey
4 years ago
Environmental Engineer - fixing environmental problems before they cause harm to others. Feedlot engineer for 8 years ensuring manures storage structures were properly constructed with a primary purpose of keeping the manure out of lakes, ponds, rivers and Waters of the State. Also spent 8 years cleaning up chemical/petroleum spills at train derailments, elevator fires, tanker accidents and storage tank leaks. Also, determining who is at risk of flooding and how to minimize said flood. Had two traumatic brain injuries in the last 10 years and just now getting back my memory and health. Spent last 2 years as convenience store clerk but can now work 40 hr week no problem and am looking for new job... THOSE CAREER & ISFJ TRAITS ARE SPOT ON RIGHT NOW. However, before the traumatic brain injury I was less social and more IntJ according to my 1997 results. Also, I hated having to be friendly to every customer regardless of their attitude but got used to it after 2 years and trying to remember what each customer usually orders was really hard initially but is much easier now which also leads me to believe my brain is basically recovered enough to move on. Thanks.
4 years ago
i was diagnosed to have social anxiety disorder and depression.i was studing medicine and it aggravated so much.and im thinking to change to speech therapy AND SPECIAL NEED my symptoms related to studing isfj.thank u.
RAnjith S C
5 years ago
hi, I am working as an Asst. Professor....Understanding my type of personality,i found that academic research is not my best option as per your study...But i have interest in research in management topics..want to know your comment..
5 years ago
I'm an isfj and I love learning all about me, even aspects I have but didn't realize what I had. I even realize why I'm so quiet, and kind and stuff. I didn't realize before how there are alot of people like that!
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